Published On : Wed, Mar 4th, 2015

Dean of IGGMC Dr. Wakode takes adequate, Logically sound measures to treat Swine Flu

Dean of IGGMC Dr Wakode

Dean of Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital Dr. Prakash Tulshiram Wakode while speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today said that the number of Swine Flu patients admitted in the Ward No 24 (allocated for Swine Flu patients) was 10 on March 3, 2015. Of this 2 patients were discharged and the remaining 8 patients are still undergoing treatment in the ward.

Wakode told Nagpur Today that since Swine Flu is not a regular or routine feature, they did not have the infrastructural facilities to manage the influx of patients. They had earlier kept the patients in the Paying Ward with 5 patients. Later on when the number of patients increased, they had a brain storming session and decided that the Ophthalmic patients can wait and they converted the entire ward with 20 beds to cater to the Swine Flu patients. Therefore they now have a total capacity of taking care of 27 Swine Flu patients, with 20 Beds of Ward No 24- Swine Flu ward, 5-bed Paying Ward and 2 beds in Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Ward. The MICU ward is equipped with Ventilation Units and depending on the patients’ requirement, the patients are sent to MICU.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Dr Wakode informed that there is a pendency of Swine Flu’s swab-test reports. He said that as far as the treatment is concerned, the Central Government has made a Protocol which they have to adhere to. However, Dr Wakode also opined that the treatment need not depend on the Test Results. The Doctors are trained to identify the Swine Flu patients by the symptoms and start the treatment immediately.

While speaking about the lack of vaccination, he said that as of date, the doctors, nurses, ward-boys and other staff are not vaccinated since they were not able to procure the vaccinations. Dr Wakode claimed that unfortunately, the doctors, nurses and allied staff are still managing to treat the patients with little precautions.

He also added that he was not able to procure the N-95 Masks for his doctors and nurses since they were not available.

Dr Wakode claimed that if there is a sufficient layer of normal masks, it will suffice. He went to add that one could even tie two three layers of hand-kerchiefs.

While clarifying about the myths that are taking rounds in social media like whatsapp, facebook etc advising people to keep cardamom and camphor tied in a cloth and keep inhaling the smell, dabbing eucalyptus oil on the cloth, neck etc, are pure myths and have no scientific base to prove them.

However, Dr Wakode said that since one cannot abstain from going to crowded places, though one can run a risk of acquiring the disease, one can get something called Herd-Immunity.

The term “herd immunity” describes the proportion immune among individuals in a population. A particular threshold proportion of immune individuals should lead to a decline in incidence of infection. It could refer to a pattern of immunity that should protect a population from invasion of a new infection. A common implication of the term is that the risk of infection among susceptible individuals in a population is reduced by the presence and proximity of immune individuals. This is sometimes referred to as “indirect protection” or a “herd effect”.

Dean of IGGMC Dr Wakode also added that the fear complex is making many people susceptible to bringing down their natural resistance.

Wockhardt allocates separate ward, doctors, nurses and allied staff to treat Swine Flu patients

Centre Head of Wockhardt Hospital K Sujata while speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today said at Wockhardt they have allocated a separate ward, with a separate set of Doctors, Consultants, Nurses and allied staff to treat Swine Flu patients. These doctors and nursing staff are not required to treat other patients, thereby reducing the cross-infection even in the remotest chance.

She said that they have 15 beds for swine flu patients. They have a clear demarcation among the positive patients and the suspected patients.

Sujata also said that they have both the Non-Invasive Ventilators (NIV) as well as the Invasive Ventilators which are used as per the requirement of the patient.

As of date, i.e. March 4, 2015, they had 9 positive patients out of which 2 were discharged on March 4, 2015.

Wockhardt had as a precautionary measure vaccinated 90 (Doctors, Nurses, Ward-Boys) and 30 odd Sanitation staff three months back so that they are able to take care of the Swine Flu patients.

While speaking about the precautionary measures, Sujata said that one should be vigilant about their health. She says Swine Flu is like an Influenza. As soon as one gets cold and cough, muscular ache accompanied by vomiting sensation, he or she should rush to their doctors or physicians and get treatment. She added that one should keep washing their hands and avoid touching their mouth, nose and face frequently.