Published On : Tue, Apr 13th, 2021

Dead not at peace: Overcrowded ghats handling bodies ‘disrespectfully’

Nagpur: The dead are not at peace. Even after death, some unfortunate souls are being deprived of the dignity they deserved. With the Covid-19 death toll jumping to new highs each passing day, the crematoriums are overcrowded and overburdened to handle the last rites of the departed soul. A dead person is accorded full respect with the traditional rituals. But the corona infected victim not only being shunned by the dear and near ones fearing infection, but the last rites too are being performed in an ignominious manner.

With heavy rush, the bodies are being cremated haphazardly at the ghats due to lack of proper space. Shockingly, at some ghats, bodies were kept upon one another and consigned to flames together by kith and kin of the dead. Some bodies were consigned to flames at vacant ground itself far away from the designated sheds due to lack of space. One can understand the emotional trauma the bereaved families must be undergoing in such a tragic situation.

The scene at ghats is like an unruly market these days. Relatives wait in queues to complete formalities, pyres can be seen lit all over, and groups of people huddle around almost everywhere. Bodies are brought in at rapid succession. Dressed in PPEs, NMC health workers try to finish the job without wasting a moment.

The number of dead bodies being brought to the crematoriums has gone up nearly four times as compared to January and February. Each ghat such as Ambazari, Mokshadham, Manewada and Gangabai performs 30-35 last rites on an average on a day. The situation has come to such a pass that a token system has been introduced to handle dead bodies.