Published On : Wed, Jul 24th, 2013
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DCP turns spoiler of “Chatpata” vendors’ party, but top boss provides the much needed relief

The DCP Zone-4 forced the Bhel Puri Thela, Pani Puri Thela, Paav Bhaji Thela vendors to pack up their business by putting forth an absurd theory that chain-snatchers hatch their plans nearby the “chatpata” thelas and target the visitors who come to cherish the spiced up stuff. The DCP’s diktat forced the vendors to keep their business closed for a month thus bringing them and their families on the verge of starvation. The Commissioner of Police intervenes, and, brings smiles on the faces.

Sandeep joshi talking to Vendors, Joshi few day back took a delegations to meet the DCP

Nagpur News: The Bhel Puri Thelas, Pani Puri Thelas, Paav Bhaji Thelas, and other Thelas, the favourite joints of the Eveningers who cherish “Chatpata” (Spiced up or Savoury) snacks of their choice. However, the “Chatpata” stuff got itself embroiled in a totally whimsical, imaginary chain-snatching terror, and subsequently, lost the spicy flavour, fancy, and fun. And the spoiler of this “Chatpata” party is none other than the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Zone-4.

And the reason put forth by this DCP for spoiling the fun-fare of the Eveningers is not even vouched by his boss, and the topmost police official the Commissioner of Police. The DCP, in a drive against the “Chatpata” vendors, forced them to stop the business by pushing a most whimsical reason that the chain-snatchers hatch plans by standing nearby the “Chatpata” thelas and watching and targeting their victims who visit the thelas for fun-fare. Just a joke and nothing else. The thela-owners were forced by this DCP to keep their business shut for a full month. OK. But the incidents of chain-snatching declined???

The thela walahs, left with no choice, narrated their tale of woes to BJP Corporator Sandeep Joshi under whose Ward areas the thela-owners were doing a brisk business and were running their families. The areas are Laxmi Nagar, Bajaj Nagar, Ramdaspeth, Ajni, Dhantoli, Yahwant Stadium, Deonagar etc.

The Corporator duo, Sandeep Joshi and Munna Yadav decided to find a lasting solution to the problems of the “Chatpata” vendors, who were on the verge of starvation as their earnings got a hit by keeping their business closed for over a month. Both the Corporators with a delegation hundreds of the vendors went to Police Commissioner’s office and met the topmost boss of Nagpur police K K Pathak and apprised him of problems faced by vendors by way of DCP’s diktat. The CP immediately called the DCP Zone-4 to his office and directed him to hold a meeting with the vendors and sort out an amicable solution.

Sandeep Joshi  termed the DCP’s claim that chain-snatchers plan and choose the target at these “chatpata” vendors as laughable. “The chain-snatchers could hatch their plans anywhere in the city rather the Bhel Puri Thelas, Pani Puri Thelas, Paav Bhaji Thelas,” Joshi said. He urged the Commissioner of Police to allow the vendors do their business as many lives depend on them for day-to-day activities. Moreover, most of the vendors stay in rented houses. Joshi urged the top police boss look into the problems of the vendors with a humanity aspect. Joshi also expressed his fear that the honest vendors, left with no choice, may resort to illegal activities in order to fulfill their rightful duties towards their families.

The Police Commissioner assured the delegation of considering their demand with humanity but with a rider. “The vendors must co-operate with police. Any activities of criminals and any untoward incident must be reported to police so that police could act decisively. The vendors must pack their business at sharp 10.30 pm,” the CP elaborated his conditions. The vendors, too, unanimously agreed to follow the conditions immediately. Sensing the gravity of the situation and the problems faced by the vendors, the CP summoned the DCP Zone-4 to his office and directed him in front of the delegation to call a meeting with the vendors and sort out the problems of both police and the vendors, too.

Sandeep Joshi hoped the vendors could start their “Chatpata” business again but with a caution.