Published On : Fri, Jul 6th, 2018

Day turns to night as ferocious rains whip Nagpur!

The rains that had seemingly gone on a holiday for the last week, are suddenly back with a bang!
Mumbai, the state capital is dry today as monsoon clouds seem to all have migrated to North and Central Maharashtra.

The steady showers that began over the city late last night, increased in intensity by 8 a.m. this morning. After sunrise, instead of turning brighter, the day darkened, as more black clouds gathered and completely hid the sun. Then the rains increased in ferocity, and soon the city was inundated! Rain water was entering into homes not just from the ‘rivers’ flowing on the roads but even from the water gathered on roof tops and terraces.

At noon today, the rains are going strong and showing no signs of ceasing.

As drain pipes in terraces proved insufficient to carry away flooded terraces, water spilled down staircases and got into first floor and upper floors of buildings too.

The Met. department figures show that it rained 61.5 mm in Nagpur from 8 a.m. of 5th July t 8 a.m. this morning, second only to Brahmapuri which saw rainfall of 67.8 mm. Chandrapur had over 50 mm of rains.
The forecast is that this rainy, wet weather will continue for a week i.e. till 11th July.

Though the weather is ideal for the paddy growing regions of Nagpur District like Bhandara, farmers are being warned of possibility of heavy pest attack, from insects to water crabs. Good usage of pesticides and insecticides is being advised while replanting of paddy plants.

The heavy rain is taking its toll on city life, with traffic being almost paralyzed. The ‘cementification’ of roads seems to be adding to citizens’ woes as waters from the higher level roads is inundating building compounds and even getting inside homes, hospitals and offices. Even otherwise, many ill planned or old buildings which have not been repaired are worse for the wear in this weather.

The maternity ward of the Government hospital in Gondia has turned into a lake. Locals say this happens every time it rains hard, but no repairs or correction is undertaken when monsoons end.

But whatever the negatives and discomfort of the heavy rains, they were essential for us.

Just yesterday, one saw the sight of the Sonegaon lake not even 25% filled in the first week of July. and just look at the photos we are posting of the same area after today’s rainfall!

The rains are justifying this Nagpur session of the Maharashtra Assembly being called ‘Monsoon session’. Nagpur is putting up a grand shower of a welcome for MLAs from all over the state.

It’s true we do nothing in half measure… it doesn’t just rain, it pours…it floods!