Published On : Wed, Sep 28th, 2016

Dallu Sardar, Goldie Sardar, 7 others awarded lifer in Suraj Yadav murder case

Deceased Suraj Yadav

Deceased Suraj Yadav


Nagpur: Dallu Sardar alias Narendra Singh and eight others were sentenced to life imprisonment in the sensational Suraj Yadav murder case of 2012. Seven persons have been acquitted in the case for lack of evidence against them.

Holding Dallu Sardar and his accomplices guilty of the murder, the Special Judge Ashok Dhamecha on Wednesday awarded life imprisonment to them. Suraj Yadav was done to death on November 18, 2012 at his Lashkaribagh residence.

The other eight accused who were awarded the lifer include Goldie Sardar alias Kujitsingh Multani, Manmitsingh alias Sunny Digva, Chhotu alias Sandipsingh Johar, Bablu alias Mohroz Hussain Pathan, Ravindrasingh alias Bunty alias Langdya Anand, Pappu Gajanan Zade, Vinod Ramrao Panchang and Akash Purshottam Mahurkar.

Seven persons who were acquitted in the case for lack of evidence against them include Maninderjitsingh alias JP Sardar Sodi, Anup alias Pintu Fulchand Chavre, Gautam Vitthal Pillewan, Bunty alias Anand Ramesh Nayar, Akash Ravindra Bose, Tirupati Baburao Bhonge, and Ashish Kalya alias Mahendra Ramteke. Pachpaoli police had arrested 16 persons in the murder. The case had taken an interesting turn when 82 personnel of Pachpaoli police were paraded before the culprits following a complaint before the court in the past.

The court, however, has dropped the charges under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) against the culprits. Yadav was brother-in-law of BJP Corporator Munna Yadav. The assailants had also assaulted Yadav’s pregnant wife Mandeep Kaur and his brother Rajesh. P K Sathianathan was appointed in the case as Special Public Prosecutor in the case.

The deceased Suraj Yadav was a property dealer in Nagpur and had established a name in the business. Dallu Sardar was also dealing in property business and also indulged in criminal activities. Dallu was not happy with the influence of the deceased in the business and wanted to establish a supremacy over him. This is said to be the motive behind the murder which occurred on 18.11.2012.

A day before the incident i.e. 17.11.2012, the deceased along with his friends had gone to Yavatmal. At about 6.30 pm, the wife of the watchman Dau called the deceased on his mobile, informing that some eight to ten persons had come at a plot in Scorpio vehicle and were claiming rights over the said plot. According to the complainant, the wife of the watchman handed over the mobile to one of the persons, who gave his name as Dallu Sardar. The appellant informed the deceased that he had purchased the plot, when the deceased said to the appellant that he will have a talk after he returns from Yavatmal. The deceased and his friends returned to Nagpur in the night at about 1.00 a.m. The following a day i.e. on 18.11.2012, Dallu Sardar again called the deceased at about 1.00 to 1.30 pm and the deceased disconnected the call, after informing that he would come to give information about the plot. It is said that thereafter the deceased along with his friend Anand went to the Mental Hospital square where the Dallu and others were present. The deceased apprised him that the plot is belonging to Munna Yadav.

Thereafter, the deceased returned to his house. Later in the day at about 3.30 to 3.45 pm, the deceased along with his family members including his sister Kanchan Amol Yadav and one Anand Kolhatkar were at the house of the deceased. When the complainant went to the bathroom, he heard some commotion and came out, when he saw that Dallu Sardar along with his associates were assaulting the deceased by a sword on his neck. The other accomplices of Dallu were holding weapons such as ‘knife’ and all of them assaulted the deceased, on account of which, the deceased sustained injuries. The deceased was carried to the Madan Hospital, where he was declared dead.