Crucial meet over appointing new bus operators in Nagpur tomorrow

NMC nagpur

Nagpur: All the tall claims of NMC and City Transport Committee to run the new green buses and red buses in Nagpur from November 15 turned out to be a distant task. The technical hurdles in the way of appointing new city bus operators will certainly take the date far ahead. However in order to smoothen the roads for the early implementation of new city buses, a crucial meeting has been organised at Town Hall on Tuesday at 5 pm.

The meeting, called by Mayor Praveen Datke will also be attended by NMC Transport Committee Chief Balya Borker who informed that all the 5 bus operators would be present along with the authorities for Integrated Bus Transport Management (ITBS), the company responsible for bus service operations in Nagpur.

Besides, NMC Commissioner Shravan Hardikar will be mainly present in the meet. A financial proposal regarding bus operations is required to be okayed in NMC general body meeting following which the buses will start plying on city roads. This meeting is scheduled around November 15.

Jagtap of Transport Department told Nagpur Today that ITBS company is linked to Delhi based Integrated Management Transport System. The company will look after appointment of all 487 conductors along with installing intelligence systems in the buses. In addition to it, there will be 150 new medium sized red buses, however nothing has been cleared upon the time of its arrival in city. Sources informed that even green buses are under manufacturing stage.

Under the current set of circumstances, it has turned impossible to start these buses in the current month. Sources informed that a bus operator has asked for three months to begin operations whereas rest of the operators are yet to take the final call.

–Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (