Published On : Tue, Feb 2nd, 2016

Critically injured in gas cylinder blast, GPO Officer, spouse denied admission by hospitals in Nagpur!

Nagpur: A leaking gas cylinder went off in an apartment in Subhash Nagar on Tuesday, leaving a couple critically injured in the accident. The couple has been identified as Shashikant and Sandhya Pande. Ironically, as the couple sustained critical burn injuries, no hospital was willing to admit them and the neighbors had to keep moving from a hospital to another till they finally got the admission at a private hospital located at Jamtha, 15 kms away from Nagpur. The couple had a son who is working at a company in New Delhi.

Sandhya Pande works as an officer at General Post Office (GPO) and lives with her husband on the first floor of Shiv Shakti Apartments at Subhash Nagar. For the past few days the couple has been staying at their relatives place owing to some renovation going on their apartment. On Monday night, the couple stayed back at their apartment.

At about 7 am on Tuesday, they put on the gas burner to heat the milk. Later they sensed that the flames suddenly went intense and huge. As they tried to put off the burner, the cylinder suddenly blasted engulfing both of them. Hearing the loud noise, the neighbors rushed to the apartment and rushed them to the hospital.

As the fellow colleagues from General Post Office rushed the couple to the hospital affiliated with the GPO, the hospitals administration shockingly refused to admit the duo. However this has raised serious question not only on the ethical values of the hospitals but their alleged violation of the patients’ legible right.