Published On : Fri, Oct 29th, 2021
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Craze for ‘Digital Friendship’ to rid loneliness poses nasty hazards: Ajeet Parse.

Nagpur: The quest for selecting ‘digital friendship’ option with strangers in social media, for ridding loneliness boredom, could prove costly for netizens as he would be exposed to a slew of hazards. The dangers of meeting strangers on social media can include sexual predators, thieves, blackmailers and the fear of not knowing who is actually behind the talk.

A number of netizens paid a heavy price on the financial front, sextortion, blackmailing, cyberbullying and other nasty incidents. Possibility of one finding in troubled waters due to talks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram chat room could not be ruled out. Many netizens in Nagpur have lost their peace of mind by talking to ‘Talk to a Stranger’ on social media, cautioned Ajeet Parse, Social Media Analyst and Strategist.

“There was a time when senior members in the family would constantly warn not to talk to strangers. Don’t share personal information with people you don’t know. The same ear mantra can keep you safe in your social media and cyber age. The craze for ‘Talk to a Stranger’ in social media has put many netizens to financial losses and regrets,” said Parse.

The Cyber Expert further said, the graph of cyber crime in Nagpur is increasing day by day. The city reported 126 crimes in 2019. In 2020, around 200 cyber crimes have been registered. This is just the government figures. The number of complaints not being registered at police stations too has increased manifold. Such persons are facing blackmailing constantly and thus losing peace of mind. Therefore, in the age of social media or cyber, it is necessary to identify the ‘Talk to a Stranger’ threat at the right time.

People who feel lonely in real society turn to digital chat rooms on social media. These chatrooms can sometimes provide entertainment or mental support. However, analyzing the cyber crime in the country, it is likely to be a threat. Therefore, in the cyber age, it is necessary to recognize the danger of ‘Talk to a Stranger’. Many people have found themselves alone and backward by sharing personal information.

“Over 50,000 cyber crimes were committed in the country in the year 2020. There are many more unregistered cyber crimes in the police stations. Most of these cyber crimes are due to not recognizing the threat of ‘Talk to a Stranger’. That means getting up on social media, befriending anyone, interacting with strangers, and sharing your personal information. People who feel lonely in real society opt for ‘digital friendship’. There are numerous chat rooms on the internet and social media, some of which are free and some of which are paid.

Some ‘chat rooms’ claim not to reveal their identities and this is where some lose their balance and open dialogue on the subject of sex begins. Users are deceived based on this interaction and the record of unwanted exposure. Therefore, steps should be taken recognizing the danger,” cautioned Ajit Parse and appealed to netizens to be careful while operating in the virtual world.

Parse further said that a senior citizen living within the jurisdiction of Bajajnagar Police Station in Nagpur was similarly cheated. He used to chat with young women living abroad to get rid of loneliness. He was cheated of Rs 75,000 due to ‘Talk to a Stranger.’ This is just an example. There have been more and more such cyber crimes across the country in the last one year. Therefore, we want to protect our family, society and country from cyber crime. So taking cautious steps is the real need of the hour

It is a must to recognise the dangers of ‘Talk to a Stranger’ in social media in the nick of time. Chatrooms can sometimes entertain or provide mental support. But an analysis of cyber crimes in the country reveals the hazards on greater magnitude. During the chatroom talks, there is a craze for exposure, too. This exposure is recorded and the user is trapped and cheated. Therefore, steps must be taken to be on a safer side by recognising the dangers. While living in the virtual world, caution is the buzzword.

– Ajeet Parse, Social Media Analyst and Strategist.