Published On : Sat, Nov 7th, 2020

Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur conduct rare orthopaedic surgery on an HIV positive patient

Nagpur: In a rare and complex orthopaedic surgery, life of a 38 year old man was saved in Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur by providing him emergency treatment and operating him in optimum time. Mr. Rajesh Ojha (name changed) who met with a road accident a few days back near Warora (Chandrapur) got successful treatment in Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur after being denied treatment in various other hospitals.

After the life threatening accident, he was rushed to a nearby hospital where his treatment was denied due to its complexity in nature. Similarly, this being a very rare and complex case, his treatment was denied in few other private hospitals after which he was finally rushed to Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur. Due to the current situation of pandemic, such cases are not being taken up in several hospitals but it was taken up in Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur and the patient was successfully treated as well as discharged.

“The patient got admitted under my care a few days back. At the time of admission, his platelet count was very low. Normally the platelet count ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 lakhs. However, Mr. Ojha’s (name changed) platelets were ranging near 4000 only. For any such surgery, it advised to have a platelet count of atleast 50000 as the chances of bleeding are higher”, informed Dr. Manoj Pahukar, Senior Consultant, Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur. “After investigations, it was also discovered that the patient was HIV positive which complicated the case manifolds. His CT scan was showing complicated fracture and also a large wound on his thigh and knees. He required a surgery to save his life”, he added.

The patient, as per doctor’s advice, was put on antibiotics and Single Donor Plasma with continuous monitoring. As a result, his platelet levels increased significantly and reached around 1.2 lakh on the fifth day. After the platelets increased, it was decided to operate him, keeping all the high risk factors- HIV positive, low platelet count, high risk of bleeding, chances of wound infection and hip fracture dislocation into consideration.

Post surgery, Mr. Ojha (name changed) showed a remarkable improvement and started Physiotherapy sessions as well. “Our aim is to treat and provide timely clinical care to those who require emergency treatment and are being denied admission by other hospitals in the city as well as outside Nagpur due to complex and complicated case” said Mrs. K. Sujatha, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur. “We also extended a helping hand by reducing the treatment cost substantially as the patient was not financially strong to afford the treatment”, she added.

Mr. Ojha (name changed) faced with multiple problems. He was battling HIV since long time which decreased his health and immunity, severely low platelets, chances of developing covid due to low immunity, multiple comorbidities and complex fracture dislocation and severe injury. Still with his positive approach and his family’s moral support, he recovered soon. Such complex surgeries, done early by an expert in optimum time with standard protocols, not only save the life of patient but also improve their quality of life. Mr. Ojha (name changed) was very satisfied with the treatment and care received and thanked the entire Wockhardt team for contributing in his recovery.

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