Published On : Wed, Oct 7th, 2020

Covid-19: Sept sees 1,52,229 tests conducted in Nagpur

Total 3.37 lakh tests conducted since March

Nagpur: Amid the declining cases of Covid-19, a total of 1,52,229 tests were conducted in the Second Capital in the month of September. As compared to tests in August, 70,117 more tests were conducted in September. The figure for tests in August stood at 82112.

Since the first case of the deadly virus was reported in March, a total of 3,37,446 tests have been conducted in the city during the period of seven months. Of the 1,52,229 tests conducted in September, 35,749 persons tested positive, that means sample positivity rate was 23.5 per cent indicating a positive connotation in real terms in comparison with previous month’s figure. The word positive had assumed notorious connotation in view of novel coronavirus pandemic yet the sign of decline in infected persons is indeed a testimony to hard work put in by health machinery in tandem with administration.

During the seven month period beginning with March when the first case of COVID-19 was detected in city, the sample positivity rate is just 18.5 per cent. A total of 3,37,446 samples were examined for RT-PCR, anti-gen tests of which 62,342 persons tested positive for symptoms of COVID-19. On a whole the picture showcase good ground work on part of various players engaged in containing the spread of the pandemic.

The data collated by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) reveals that first till end of July the situation in city was quite comfortable and even it was touted as model for others to follow. But come August and sudden the situation turned grim as casualties suddenly increased as community spread was clear going by samples that were found positive for COVID-19. First five months into the pandemic the infection rate was well below five per cent till end of June but doubled in July to hit the peak in August. Since Nagpur is the biggest centre in Central India having a well maintained health facility, people with deep pockets linedup for treatment at hospitals in city leaving a big gap between demand and availability of beds. NMC officials and office bearers swung into action and rampedup beds availability to contain the situation, the declining rate of infection has provided much needed breather.

A study of the data reveals that August witnessed phenomenal rise in positive sample for COVID-19 and this could be due to callousness on part of citizens majority of which adopted laid back attitude in view of five months low infection rate. Between July and August while sample testing increased by roughly 184 per cent the rise in positive cases was staggering 955.77 per cent and that explains the panic that gripped entire city. Now COVID-19 threat was real and this triggered host of actions, including crackdown on those not wearing masks, and traders themselves taking adequate precautions and etc.

Recovery rate crosses national average:
There were several good things witnessed by people of Nagpur district on Tuesday as far as coronavirus pandemic is concerned. The COVID-19 testing increased by almost three thousand than the number registered on Monday. New coronavirus positive cases are below 1,000 in spite of rise in testing. The COVID-19 deaths have been reduced to 18, less by 10 than those witnessed on the previous day. The active cases for the first time in last two months reduced to below 10,000.The most notable thing is, the recovery rate of Nagpur district crossed national average by almost one per cent which is very big achievement.

On Monday, the district had crossed national average of recovery rate by a whisker. On Tuesday while national average of recovery stands at 84.70%, the district registered 85.15%. On Tuesday, in one single day 1,425 persons recovered in district. Of which 1,133 are from city while 292 are from Nagpur rural. This has taken the cumulative recovery to 70,767. There is a constant rise in the recovery cases. This has also resulted in increasing recovery rate, decreasing active cases and rise in beds availability in hospitals.The active cases on Tuesday are 9,656, which is below 10,000. In one single day on Tuesday, 893 persons tested positive for coronavirus in district, of which 556 are from city while 337 are from Nagpur rural. With these the cumulative positive cases reached 82,657. On Tuesday, the district registered 18 COVID-19 deaths of which 3 were the residents of Nagpur rural while 15 persons died were from Nagpur city taking the cumulative deaths to 2,416. On Monday the district had registered 4,848 total testing while on Tuesday the number increased to 7,785. Of this testing 3,229 have done through RT PCR while 4,556 through Rapid AntigenTesting. The cumulative testing reached 4,87,049.