Corona cases surge at 423 in Nagpur, over 300 treated!

Nagpur: Despite the restrictions of Lockdown 4.0, the cases of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) are on rise in the Second Capital of the State. The patients infected with virus borne disease reached 423 by Sunday evening. Two cases from Mominpura and Jawahar Nagar while once each from Narendra Nagar and other came to fore. This has raised concerns for both locals and administration.

Fortunately, the number of cases for negative or recovery is getting on a higher note. So far, out of 400 cases, 300 people have been tested negative so far, which seems to be interesting. The fact of the matter is people are happy to see how the city admin is able to deal with the situation the best in the lockdown 4.0.

The city police bosses have done huge in making things under control. As per reports, the civic body and the police department in the city have ensured to put strict rules to be followed during the Lockdown 4.0 and post the shutdown time. They have been managing the show the best and so is the cases with the hospitals and healthcare professionals who are playing their part in making things work in recovering the cases in Nagpur.

The city bosses have also asked for CRPF men to work with them as an additional force to make people aware about the same. With an additional six people caught in the virus testing positive, the figure in the city has gone up to 406 and out of these 300 have been recovered. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. If you have anything to share, do comment below and let us know more about it.