Published On : Wed, Jul 8th, 2015

Cops take action against youth enjoying hookha in a flat

Cops wrongfully claim the flat to be hookah parlour


Nagpur: Like other metro cities, the craze for hookah parlours seems to be catching up in Nagpur city too. The Jaripatka Police raided a two-storeyed flat in Jaripatka area claiming it to be Hookha parlour. The Jaripatka Police has arrested nine accused from the spot. The accused include Manager Vinod Dewani and students who were in the flat enjoying hookah in the guise of studying.

The youth of the city seems to have adopted the new fashion or trend of enjoying hookah and consciously or unconsciously are becoming a slave to the habit. Not only young guys but even the young girls seem to have taken to smoking hookahs.

According to police sources, Girish Jesani owns a two-storeyed flat on graveyard road near Itarsi Railway Bridge.

Police Station In-charge of Jaripatka Police Station, Police Inspector Deepak Khobragade received a confidential tip off that a hookah parlour is running in this flat. Paresh Gangaram Kodwani a resident of Sindhu Children’s Park, Chaudhari Square had allegedly rented out the flat to run a hookah parlour for a long time.

On Monday, July 6, 2015, Police Station In-charge of Jaripatka Police Station, Police Inspector Deepak Khobragade along with his staff raided the premises.

The cops of Jaripatka Police Station arrested Manager of the hookah parlour Vinod Dewani and 9 other students who were in the flat enjoying hookah in the guise of studying. The hookah parlour was alleged running in this flat in a clandestine manner for a long time.

The other accused Shyam Suresh Mirani, Hitesh Pravesh Gurunani, Sahil Vivek Waswani, Sahil Shyamlal Ambawani, Girish Dewan Lalwani, Ram Deepak Mirani, Hitesh Rakesh Panjwani and Mohit Ramesh Lalwani.

During the raid on the hookah parlour, even a minor was arrested smoking hookah. Sources claimed that some of these accused who are arrested are students. These students used to come out of their houses under the guise of studying, while they relished the hookah in this flat-turned-hookha parlour.


The goods seized from the hookah parlour

S. No         Item Particulars                      Quantity             

01               Hookha Pots                              4

02               Flavour                                  

03               Pipes                                         4

04               Microwave Oven                     1

05               CCTV-Video Recorder             1

06               Flavours packets (Empty)      10

07               Flavours packets (partial)      12

08               Cash                                        Rs 20,000/-


Intoxicant substance in the name of flavor

Sources claimed that under of the guise of flavours, intoxicant substances were offered to these youngsters. Sources claimed that as soon as the youngsters smoke these hookahs with the intoxicant substances, they experience an out of the world experience. They do not feel or sense the happenings around them. Sources added that in order to make these youngsters addicted to hookah, these unscrupulous elements offer intoxicant substances under the guise of various flavours. The youngsters pay thousands of rupees for this experience. It has also come to fore during the previous raids by the police officials that these youngsters get involved in various minor criminal  activities like chain snatching, bag-lifting and waylaying to fulfill their urge to smoke hookah.