Published On : Sat, Nov 30th, 2013

Cooperation cauldron: Nagpur Distt witnesses hazy, murkier picture of Cooperative Institutes

Nagpur DisttNagpur News: The day after Saoner MLA Sunil Kedar was ordered by the Cooperation Department of Maharashtra Government to deposit Rs 300 crore in Nagpur District Central Cooperative Bank (NDCCB) after he was guilty in the purchase-sale of Government Bonds, the picture of corruption in cooperation sector is getting clearer and clearer. Massive corruption has been found in 42 Cooperative Institutes in Nagpur District, according to the District Deputy Registrar of Cooperation Department.

The Social Worker Abhay Kolarkar had put up queries to the Office of District Deputy Registrar under RTI seeking the status of Cooperative Institutes in Nagpur District. The subsequent replies cleared the overall scenario in Nagpur District in a transparent manner: No corruption was found in 72 Cooperative Institutes but irregularities were noticed. FIRs were filed against 5 Institutes. The Cooperation Department initiated various actions under Sections of Cooperative Societies Act like Section 73H against one Institute, Section 77A against 8, Section 78 against 27, Section 83 against 6, and Section 88 against 30 Cooperative Institutes. The Cooperation Department appointed Administrators in 56 Cooperative Institutes in the past 3 years.

Even though the number of Cooperative Institutes increased in the past 3 years, 30 Institutes downed their shutters till March 31, 2013 for various reasons but not by irregularities, the RTI replies informed. There were a total of 4702 Cooperative Institutes in Nagpur District during 2010-2011. The number increased by 108 in a year totaling 4810 Institutes.

The year 2012 was declared International Cooperation Year and in accordance with directives of United Nations, the Central Government celebrated 2012 as International Cooperation Year. Moreover, various schemes were also implemented in Maharashtra. Dozens of speeches, discussions were held to strengthen the Cooperation Movement. However, the number of Cooperative Institutes did not increase in the International Cooperation Year as compared to previous year. A total of 108 new Cooperative Institutes were added in 2011 but the International Year saw only 77 Cooperative Institutes coming up. Now, at present, the number of Cooperative Institutes in Nagpur District stands at 4887, the RTI replies stated.

– Rajeev Kushwaha ( )