Published On : Wed, May 14th, 2014

Conservation Officer, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve






Job Description :

Carry out conservation work to protect wildlife and nature in line with SF’s philosophy and in tune with official policy.
Our basic approach is based on a community conservation model. This primarily involves dealing with villagers, helping them with their basic development and livelihood issues while retaining focus on wildlife and forest conservation.



  • Grassroots conservation work – soil, moisture and water conservation activities, wildlife protection by assisting Forest Department in anti-poaching activities, fire fighting activities, build up an intelligence network to keep track of poaching
  • Village development activities – community conservation activities – village development though integrated micro-plans (where available, help in implementing, where not available, help in designing plans). Act as a bridge between villagers and official agencies entrusted with development
  • Education – raise awareness of environmental issues and need for conservation. Classroom activities, nature camps and trails, involving school children in conservation activities and using such activities to spread awareness among larger village population
  • Livelihood activities – assist villagers in shifting from basic forest-dependent lifestyle to one which puts less pressure on forests. This can be by helping unemployed people to shift away from forests by helping them to get jobs elsewhere or to provide programmes which will promote self-employment activities within the village itself. But care should be taken that such activities fit in with the overall conservation philosophy
  • Trust-building activities – Assist in the conducting of medical camps and any other suitable activity which will help build the Foundation’s image among villagers as well as inspire trust and confidence among them
  • Liaise with Forest Department and other Government agencies


  • Most important skill required is communication skills – to be able to deal with villagers, who might not be educated or professional, as well as with officials and agencies where the work culture as well as general approach may be completely different from the villagers
  • Patience and tact in dealing with villagers as well as our own staff who come from different backgrounds
  • Reporting skills – ability to write concise and clear reports on work done as well as the ability to write proper plans for work to be done
  • Writing skills – ability to write proper letters when dealing with senior Government officials and agencies; ability to express thoughts clearly when preparing projects proposals
  • Willingness and ability so speak clearly and convincingly with officials, senior members of the Foundation and with villagers
  • Willingness to learn, to accept constructive criticism and to adapt to changing situations
  • Ability to rough it out. Living conditions will be whatever is available in a tribal village, which is remote and inside forest areas
  • Ability to drive two-wheeler, willingness to travel long distances over rough roads and difficult terrain
  • Ability to pick up new skills and learn new technologies as and when needed – for example, using GPS, new software
  • General skills at using computers. Should know how to use MS Office, in particular Word and Excel


Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply here.


*Please mention you saw the job advertised on Nagpur Today


** Job subject to availability