Published On : Sat, Jun 16th, 2018

Commuters see red as ST bus fare hike comes into effect from June 16

Nagpur: With MSRTC buses back on roads after strike by employees, commuters sighed relief but with the fare hike of 18% that came into effect from Saturday (June 16), Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) sparked new tension among commuters.

ST bus service works as a lifeline for the commuters who travel frequently for a long distance. However MSRTC explaining the obligation of price hike, commuters find this increase in fares totally irrelevant, as the price hike was followed by the strike of the employees.

“According to me it’s an outcome of strike, as administration has to pay bus employees, they are forcing that charge on commuters. It’s a prolonged saga continuous, that common man has to face all the problems, yesterday I bought the ticket for Rs 225 when I left for Nagpur and today I am buying same ticket for Rs 245 while heading back to my hometown,” said Nikesh Deshmukh, 32-year old private employee from Amravati.

Vandana Vidte, 47, a homemaker from Chandrapur says, now it’s mandatory to point out your needs, demands to the government, and because they are too busy with politics, the strike is the only way which looks effective, as long as you’re a government employee. But what about common people? Where should we cry our sorrow?

“The government should pay more attention towards ST bus service. If ST buses have subsidies in diesel and tolls, it could help bring down the pricing,” said Rajkumar Babre, ST conductor. He also mentioned that the strike has nothing to do with the fare hike.

The 18 per cent increase in the fare by MSRTC came into effect from Saturday. Now, passengers travelling from Nagpur to Pune will now have to pay minimum Rs 1,255 per head for semi-luxury bus. Similarly, they will have to pay Rs 1,370 for AC Shivshahi bus for a seat and Rs 1,975 for sleeper.

The Divisional Controller, MSRTC, Nagpur, has issued the chart of new rates from Nagpur to: Aurangabad — Rs 635 for Express bus, Rs 860 for semi-luxury bus, Rs 940 for a seat in AC Shivshahi, sleeper — Rs 1355, Nashik — Rs 1,895 for AC Shivshahi sleeper, Pandharpur — Rs 1,370 for Shivshahi seat, Nanded — Rs 635 for semi-luxury, Rs 695 for Shivshahi seat, Solapur — Rs 1,170 for Shivshahi seat, Akola — Rs 315 for Express bus, Rs 425 for semi-luxury, Rs 465 for Shivshahi seat, Rs 670 for sleeper, Chandrapur — Rs 195 for Express bus, Rs 290 for Shivshahi seat, Gadchiroli — Rs 230 for Express bus, Rs 315 for semi-luxury, Rs 345 for Shivshahi seat, Gondia — Rs 215 for Express bus, Rs 295 for semi-luxury, Brahmapuri – – Rs 150, Yavatmal — Rs 185 for Express bus, Rs 255 for semi-luxury, Rs 275 Shivshahi seat, Amravati – Rs 195 for Express bus, Rs 265 for semiluxury, Rs 290 for Shivshahi seat, Rs 415 for sleeper, Bhandara — Rs 85 for Express bus, Rs 110 for semi-luxury, Rs 125 for Shivhahi seat, Katol — Rs 75 for Express bus, Rs 110 for Shivshahi seat, Saoner — Rs 55 for Express bus, Ramtek — Rs 60 for Express bus, Umrer — Rs 60 for express bus, Rs 90 for Shivshahi seat, Kondhali — Rs 70 for Express bus and Rs 100 for Shivshahi seat.