Published On : Mon, Apr 21st, 2014

Coins do not lie, old coins tell real history of India

10 (1)Nagpur News : The old coins tell real history of India. Through these coins, society can be made aware of the right Indian culture. This is what the institute dedicated to old coins and Indian culture, Academy of Indian Numismatics And Sigillography’s senior professor, Dr S K Bhat says. The institute which is conducting research on Indian and Sindhu culture is situated at Indore, the industrial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Dr Bhat has come to Nagpur to release a book of second capital academy. The academy has published a book, Mint Money and Market, given to old coins. The book is edited  by Dr Bhat. On the eve of realising of the book, Dr Bhat gave an exclusive interview to Nagpur’s Hindi daily, Dainik Bhaskar. In this interview Dr Bhat gave very important details of many aspects of old coins and how they are related to Sindhu culture.

Coins do not lie

Talking about the period from 1000 to 1600 BC, he said the old coins do not lie. There is lot of confusion about country’s history in the minds of people. People have a feeling that the Muslims rulers, during their tenure have caused damaged to Indian culture but actually history is something different than this erroneous belief. The coins current in that period give exact picture of the history at the time of Muslim rule. He said at present there is lot of heated discussions and controversies because of casteism and religion. However, this is all caused by people themselves. In the ancient times, the atmosphere was not like what people believe.

Answering a question Dr Bhat said that at this time there is great need to have social understanding and tolerance. That only can lead to progress of society and nation. Dr Bhat said that the government’s role is not only limited to framing policies but it also must implement those policies. But unfortunately the government has failed to do so. He said that all the Mughal rulers here have respected Indian culture.

coinThe proof of this is the coins current at the time of Mohammad Ghouri, Gazani, Akbar etc.He informed that at the time of Mohammad Gazni, Sanskrit coins were in use. The coins had Urdu words written in Sanskrit. Giving details, he said the coins had word, Allah written in Sanskrit.

He said at the time of Ghouri picture of Laxmi and at the time of Akbar Lord Ram and Sita’s pictures were depicted.

Dr Bhatt said that during the tenure of Akbar, Ramayan was written in Urdu language which goes to show that the Muslim rulers had respect for Indian culture. He said today’s youth should read history as it has true and interesting facts to reveal particularly about Indian culture.