Published On : Fri, Oct 25th, 2013

Clear Cut : It’s influence that rules in NMC

NMC-CartoonNagpur News.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has become the nucleus of corruption where influence and connection with ‘elite’ and ‘political influence’ rule the roost and the deserving fight for survival. NMC officials having some ‘influence’ are enjoying the uninterrupted support and a safe hand from transfers while others are at suffering end. However, tall claims of ‘no corruption’ and ‘transparent decision’ would soon be in the open after declaration of list of transfer rules.

Nagpur Today, however, dug into the details about three ‘influential’ people and discovered the interrupted support they receive from the top-notch people even after fewer capabilities.

D D Jambhulkar with NMC is enjoying undisturbed power of various departments and his share in increasing responsibilities does not seem to lessen. An important officer, on the condition of anonymity, said that several political parties and influential people are backing Jambhulkar due to which nothing is done against his wrongdoings in the department. However, anyone who dared to raise his voice against him, has been shown an exit door.

Similarly, Ashok Kolhatkar, was appointed as a teacher in an NMC school. However, it is surprising to learn that Kolhatkar was neither proficient in teaching nor was he efficient in writing. He later was also recruited in the Public Relations Department, thus, pointing fingers at the recruitment system of NMC. Kolhatkar, who very boldly declined to work properly, said that a cabinet minister had approached Additional Commissioner to promote him as PRO but the Additional Commissioner refused directly and thus he would not listen to his orders.

Pradeep Khardanvis who was earlier recruited at the post of additional divisional clerk but was accommodated in the Public Relations Department exhibits another example of corruption in NMC. His colleagues claim that Khardanvis has support from BJP’s influential people because of which he is enjoying smooth professional life and deals with only advisement section of NMC.

These are few examples of the mismanagement in NMC and there are around 200 similar employees who are recruited in departments for which they are not even qualified or competent enough to handle. It will be interesting to know whether these ‘inefficient’ employees will face transfer in the soon-to-be-released list of transfer rules.