Published On : Sat, Mar 1st, 2014

Class X students are being forced to cough up Rs 200 for I-Cards by School Administrations!

Nagpur News.

The Class X students, already hassled and harassed by the I-Cards having several discrepancies, are now being forced to cough up Rs 200 for receiving them. Some school administrations have been found recovering Rs 200 from Class X students for distributing I-cards to them. The issue has drawn the attention of the police.

According to reports, Old Mangalwari-based Hindusthan Vidyalaya was on Friday found recovering Rs 200 for I-Cards. Moreover, the students were not being issued receipts of Rs 200 taken from them. However, the School Administration termed it as charges for Test Series and not for I-cards.

Social worker Rahul Baburao Morey informed that he received a phone call from a student on Friday  afternoon. The student told him that the Old Mangalwari-based Hindusthan Vidyalaya was charging Class X students with Rs 200 towards I-Cards. Morey went to the School to check for himself the truth. He noticed 40 students in line to receive the I-Cards. When Morey talked to students, he was informed that School Administration was recovering Rs 200 for issuing the I-Cards. And no receipt was being issued to the students. Police were informed about the same who rushed to the school.


When Morey approached the Headmaster of the School, S S Pathak, and enquired about the recovery of Rs 200 from the students, he said that it is a school rule. Pathak clearly told Morey that the school takes money from students for issuing I-cards. No separate receipt is issued to students. The school has already distributed the I-Cards to students, Pathak said. According to sources, the rivalry between teachers and Administration brought the issue in the limelight. The teachers themselves exposed the Administration in this connection.

On the other hand, Lakadganj Police Inspector Satyanarayan Jaiswal  said the police have received a complaint against the Hindusthan Vidyalaya Administration. The course of action will be decided after police receive a letter from Education Department, the PI Jaiswal said.

The Headmaster of the School S S Pathak, however, said that the School is not taking money for I-Cards but for the Test Series. The Education Officer Satish Mendhe said, “The recovery of Rs 200 even for the Test Series is unfortunate and is totally wrong.”


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