Published On : Mon, Jul 22nd, 2019

City’s Sfruti Sahare releases her second book ‘The Monkey Theory’

Nagpur: A budding city writer Sfruti Sahare released her second book ‘The Monkey Theory’ on Saturday at Crossword.

‘The Money Theory’ is Sfruti’s second book released almost three years after her debut book ‘Think and Win like Dhoni.’

Speaking about her new book Sfruti said that, “This book is about the inner voices and how they control oneself and have named them as fear monkey, lazy monkey and many more.”

She interacted with audience and shared her experience on how she came up with the idea of writing book.

She said “No person is bad. There are certain characters ruling the mind which make them behave accordingly. I have portrayed such characters in terms of monkey showing the moods of ones and how they evoke a person to be happy and sad, in fear and many more.”

In a word of advice, Sfruti asked the young students to let go of their fear and laziness and strive to be the best in life. “Fight with the characters which are controlling them,” she said.