Published On : Sat, Aug 1st, 2015

City man befriends Mumbai girl on FB, jumps into extra marital affair; Wife sounds alert

Nagpur: A man having extra-marital affairs with his paramour was caught red-handed by his wife. However, the fear of defamation and the future of her children prevented the wife from making the whole incident public.

Ankit (named changed), is a resident of Gittikhadan. He is in the business of installing CCTV cameras. He developed friendship with a Mumbai-based engineer girl via facebook. The girl basically is a native of Ramtek. As the friendship grew thicker, Ankit proposed to marry her without telling her that he was already married. He told her that he has a big construction business and lured her into marriage. The girl too accepted his proposal. She informed her parents too. Ankit told her that they would settle somewhere outside the State after the marriage. Ankit’s wife Archana (name changed) runs a boutique and comes from a rich family. Ankit decided to dupe his own wife.

He told her that he has got a big contract in Chhindwara for construction work and needs Rs 5 lakh as security deposit. The family members of Archana told her not to give him money as they were aware of Ankit’s nature and lifestyle. However, in the hope that her husband would thrive in life, she gave him the money.

After this, Ankit pursuaded his paramour to settle down with him in some other state. On July 23, Ankit left the house on the pretext of filling up the tender form and depositing the security money with the authorities. He went to Mumbai and from there went to Chhindwara along with his paramour. Meanwhile, the sudden disappearance of the engineer girl created panic in her house. They tried to find out the location of Ankit and reached his house in Gittikhadan where they came to know that Ankit himself is out of town and has carried a huge amount with him. Ankit’s wife Archana then lodged a report about Ankit’s missing with Gittikhadan police station. It was found that Ankit is in Chhindwara. Archana, alongwith her family members, reached Chhindwara and caught Ankit red handed having good time with his paramour. Ankit had purchased jewelleries for his paramour worth Rs 1 lakh and kept Rs 4 lakh with him. Archana then brought Ankit and his paramour to Nagpur alongwith the cash and jewellery. Ankit’s paramour was ready to settle down with him even knowing that he was married and had a three-year-old-son. The engineer girl was then convinced by her parents to leave this nonsense and return back to Mumbai. Ankit is known to have made friendship with many girls via facebook and to exploit them. He had trapped the engineer girl with the same intentions which boomeranged on him.