Published On : Fri, Apr 25th, 2014

City dancers beat Mumbai bar girl blue out of professional envy; Sex racket suspected

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A bar dancer from Mumbai was beaten black and blue and inflicted bruises by two young city dancers who feared trouble on their business due to her presence. The Mumbai girl Palak was all set to move along with a rich customer when city dancers Priya and Chandni (names changed) intercepted her and got into heated exchange with her. The wordy dual later turned into fists and blows injuring Palak. Both came down heavily upon Palak rendering her helpless and bleeding. The notorious duo Raju and Jairam, infamous for their alleged involvement in girls’ supply racket in the city, had reportedly threatened Palak to keep shut. They even allegedly lured Palak by offering her Rs 50,000 apart from bearing expenses of her medical treatment. Sensing the situation, Palak reportedly relented to the demand as this was what she found favorable in the move of the moments. The duo even scared her that she would be thrown off to her city if she opens her mouth regarding the incident.

Nagpur Today gets few pictures related to the incident. Insiders revealed that the incident has sent the operators in jitters as they feared unmasking of their alleged sex trade.

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Sources told Nagpur Today that Raju and Jairam had brought Palak to the city through a pimp. Palak had earlier served at an orchestra bar in West Nagpur. The scuffle took place on February 22 when a regular customer at a pub trained his eyes on Palak who sings at the place. The customer being regular used to splurge on Priya and Chandni, both of whom work at the same pub. The customer was reportedly attracted towards Palak and wanted to take her out for pleasure. Fumed over the apparent threat of losing their regular source of moolah, both Priya and Chandni got into the tiff with Palak and fight broke loose into physical scuffle. Both abused and attacked Palak, inflicting wound on her leg, leaving her bleeding profusely.

The bar operators went into tizzy as the incident brought fresh spell of trouble on their dark business. Palak also decided to approach the police, however, Raju-Jairam jumped in to stop her through lure and threat. Palak has been reportedly kept locked in a house.

Nagpur Today learnt that many places in the city are being played up as dance and flesh trade havens in the guise of musical bars. The operators eye on the rich and spendthrifts dropping at these dens to hunt the girls. As they sense the customer’s mood, they smartly pass on the girl’s number to him who fix the date. The deal amount is decided by Raju and Jairam who keep an account of money flowing through this channel. The numbers of Palak, Chandni and Priya have also been shared under this network. Nagpur Today also caught hold of their numbers and called up to confirm the truth.