Published On : Thu, Oct 17th, 2013

Citizens suffocate as half the sewage chambers across city are choked; NMC sat on fact

Nagpur News.

As many as 13,000 sewage chambers netted across Nagpur were found to be extremely choked, subsiding the nearby houses in the deluge of filth. The excessive rains this year has turned these choked lines into garbage spilling monsters and those residing in the vicinity are suffering endlessly. The civic authorities found the task too tedious and deliberately turned blind eye towards the sewerages spilling off the choked lines, despite that fact that the problem came to their knowledge two years back.

The fact was mentioned in the City Sanitation Plan prepared by the NMC in 2011. In that plan, NMC had admitted that of the 26,000 sewage chambers in the city, 13,000 have been choked beyond limits.

Representational picture

Representational picture

NMC authorities blame it on the increased city population during the past decade for the increased pressure on the age-old sewage lines, choking it completely. Most of the sewage chambers have been choked beyond repair, sources informed.

It may be recalled that the Nagpur population has taken a stallion jump in the last decade and has touched almost 25-30 lakh figure from 15 lakh 10 years ago. However, the sewage lines remained stagnant and in precarious condition, cracking and choking under the enormous pressure. And the NMC’s Health Department remained unmoved to take concrete steps in this direction. The bursting of sewage lines has not only entering the houses in several areas but also exposed citizens to the threat of many diseases.

The city has a network of age-old 1670 kilometers of sewage lines in the size of 100 to 1800 milimeter. However, the old and fragile sewage lines were not laid for the local population of 25 lakhs and the hordes of people who came from other parts of the country and settled here.

The city needs 1200 kilometers of new sewage lines to deal with the latest population. The NMC has created three Zones for sanitation out of which Central Zone needs 238.62 km of sewage lines, North Zone – 763.70 km and South Zone needs 192.67 km of sewage lines. However, leave alone laying of 1200 km of sewage lines, the cleaning of age-old sewage lines would be a Himalayan task. And the NMC’s Health Department has not moved an inch to clean the cracked and choked sewage line chambers.

The NMC had launched a “My City Clean City Beautiful City” from October 2 to October 10 in Nagpur. Whether the city became a clean and beautiful city is not the issue. The Orange City would have become clean. But what about ground reality?