Published On : Mon, May 12th, 2014

Citizens led by ex-MP Jadhav gherao Kanhan Police Station over lethargy in murder case

Generally, it is seen, police first recover the body and then start search of murder accused. But in this case, police have first arrested the accused but still have not recovered the body even after 22 days. It is baffling, said Jadhav.

Nagpur News.

Kanhan cops on Monday felt the political heat when citizens and Shiv Sena activists, led by former MP Prakash Jadhav, gheraoed Kanhan Police Station alleging lethargy in Bandu Salame murder case. According to information, a complaint was lodged with Kanhan police 22 days ago wherein it was stated that Bandu Salame was missing. The relatives of Bandu had alleged that he was murdered by his wife and daughter with the help of contract killers. After the allegation of relatives, police had arrested the accused. The questioning of accused later revealed that Bandu Salame was murdered and his body was thrown into a WCL water tank. However, cops have failed to recover body of Bandu till date despite arrest of the accused. The water tank got created after WCL carried out excavation of land for coal mining. But the land was left as it is without making any effort to cover it by WCL. Now the same land has taken the shape of a large water tank of about 350 feet and water level up to 80 feet. Body of Bandu was thrown into this ditch/pit by the alleged murderers the recovery of which is proving a herculean task for police.

The non-recovery of Bandu Salame’s body even after lapse of considerable time has put the relatives in dilemma. They are not able to perform neither the last rites of Bandu nor “Tehravin” (ceremony conducted to mark the final day of mourning after a death). With this dilemma in mind, the relatives have been demanding the police to recover body of Bandu. But the negligent attitude on the part of cops finally resulted intervention by Prakash Jadhav and subsequent gherao of Kanhan Police Station by a large number of people on Monday.

During the gherao, Jadhav said that the police had first registered the case as accidental death. However, the outraged relatives forced police to pursue the matter deeply which led to arrest of the accused. Generally, it is seen, police first recover the body and then start search of murder accused. But in this case, police have first arrested the accused but still have not recovered the body. It is baffling, said Jadhav.

Hot exchange of words between police and Jadhav, citizens:

When the former MP Prakash Jadhav and citizens confronted Trainee IPS Officer Gaurav Singh who is investigating the matter and other police officials on the matter and careless attitude of police in recovering body of Bandu Salame, the Trainee IPS Officer Gaurav Singh lost control of his mind and tried to suppress voice of citizens. “When police have failed to find the body even after lapse of over 22 days, it is natural to get angry. Police are deliberately or inefficiently are not finding the body. We are not able to perform the last rites of Bandu. Other rituals like immersion of ashes and “Tehravin” due to non-recovery of body of Bandu,” citizens and Jadhav said with rage writ large on their faces. However, the Trainee IPS Officer Gaurav Singh, instead of pacifying the citizens, told them to shut up. “Police are doing their job. If you want to blame police, then blame them,” the police official said arrogantly.

Jadhav had several times demanded WCL authorities to cover the excavated land as in the past also many people accidentally fell into the water tank and lost their lives. Moreover, Jadhav cited a Maharashtra Government circular that stated after excavation, the authorities or private contractors should cover the ditch/pit to avoid any accident. And if a person loses his/her life by falling into the ditch/pit, the authorities or contractors should be booked for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Thereafter when Jadhav pointed out this circular to the Trainee IPS Officer Gaurav Singh, the police official refused to accept Jadhav’s argument and flatly ruled out issuance of such circular leading to exchange of hot words between them.

WCL Legal Adviser’s comments:

When the media sought comments of WCL Legal Adviser who was present at Police Station premises, he said that one of the pits is of 350 feet deep. A fresh project would have to be undertaken if the pit is to be rid of water and this will need deployment of thousands of labourers. Big trees around the tank are also a challenge. In this situation, neither the pit can be covered nor water pumped out within 2-7 days. It will take at least 10 years, said the WCL Legal Adviser.


It may be recalled, Nagpur Today had flashed a report titled: “Diver Khare tracing body of man murdered by wife, daughter & thrown into WCL’s water tank” wherein it was reported that  Kanhan police have called Nagpur’s reputed diver Jagadish Khare and sought help in tracing body of a man allegedly thrown into water tank of Western Coalfield Limited’s (WCL) in Kanhan. Police suspect the victim Nandkishore Salame was first murdered and then his body was tied with a large stone and thrown into the water tank. The cops are also investigating the role of Nandkishore’s wife Lalita and daughter on the basis of information that both allegedly murdered Nandkishore by way of contract killing (Supari or money).

Kanhan Police Inspector Sunita Meshram has on Friday deployed the diver Khare in tracing body of Nandkishore in the water tank which is 50 feet deep and is spread over a large area. But till now success has eluded Khare. The diver is well known for retrieving bodies from Nagpur’s Shukrawari Talao (Lake) as the spot has gained an infamous name for suicides committed by people of all age on almost daily basis.

Kanhan police on Thursday had arrested accused Sachin Wadibhasme, Vishal Mahto, Lalita Salame and her daughter and questioned them till late night. According to police, blood stains on stones nearby the water tank revealed the entire episode. In Kanhan, there is alleged talk on illicit affairs of Nandkishore’s wife and daughter and the victim was a hurdle in their affairs. Police suspect Lalita and her daughter gave Supari to Sachin Wadibhasme for getting rid of Nandkishore. Further Sachin, with the help of Vishal Mahto, eliminated Nandkishore and then threw his body into WCL’s water tank in Kanhan. According to sources, the diabolical part of this incident is that both Lalita and her daughter were present at the spot when Nandkishore was allegedly murdered in cold blood. Another baffling fact is that Lalita lodged the complaint with police two days after Nandkishore went missing.

Trainee IPS Officer Gaurav Singh is investigating the matter under the guidance of PI Sunita Meshram.