Published On : Sat, Oct 6th, 2012

Citizen Journalist Gaurav Taori – An open letter to Nitin Gadkari,Anil Sole and Sandeep Joshi.

Citizen Journalist: Gaurav Taori , is from Nagpur and currently pursuing his PGDM course in EDI Ahmedabad . Been disappointed by City BJP leader’s for not responding to his letter he approached Nagpur Today via email  which is published below, we at Nagpur Today will try to get the version of BJP leader’s mentioned in the email during the day , if we get their response we will publish it here, Nagpur Today would request his readers to response to Gaurav suggestion  to develop our city, you can send your response  comments box below.

Excerpt from Gaurav Taori  email :-

I tried to replicate my city to GUJARAT which stands outright under the leadership of SHRI NARENDRA MODI , unfortunately none of your so called leaders responded to this and thus we can see their enthusiasm for development of the city .


If you make an appeal to the citizens of Nagpur to kindly focus on revolutionary policies of Gujarat , we may gradually adopt some of them , innovate them and become a healthy state.

To ,

Shri .Nitinji Gadkari  (president , BJP )

Shri Anilji Sole  ( mayor , NMC )

Shri Rajivji Golhar

Shri Sandipji Joshi

Respected sir ,

GAURAV TAORI , a student in Ahmedabad hailing from nagpur and being spent my 21 years in Nagpur is writing this letter in order to extend my views about how Nagpur can step  on the tracks of exponential development .

Sir, in the recently held elections of 2012 , I was a volunteer and campaigner for SANDIPJI JOSHI (former chairman , standing comm. , NMC ) and tried to explore some facts about the system and was deeply impressed by the vision you and your colleagues dream for the city .

As , I had to join an institution in Ahmedabad  for my further studies , I’m here to replicate the successful development models from the most developed state of India that is Gujarat.

As I was undergoing the urban development policies of Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat , I found that the well-being of the state is sustained only due to continuous innovation policy making in the favour of state development by , for ,  from the people..

I personally have been influenced by the way Shri Narendra Modi ( chief minister , Gujarat ) has led the state to development ,  “if they can ,why can’t we” , is the question I have asked myself .

In order to materialize such thoughts, I have tried to figure out some innovative methods through which we can make our city more inclined towards development and would like to have the pleasure of sharing those with you , the chief administrator of the city and well wishers .

I guarantee you that , all the methods I have chalked out will not incur more costs but requires rigorous hard work and clarity of mindset of the people who aim to make it a SHANGHAI or SINGAPORE.

Shri. Narendra Modi  has the dynamism to act on all plans he designs and the state prospers , accordingly if not the complete state let us begin with our very own city , the city of country’s beloved BJP president and industrialist Shri. Nitinji Gadkari .

It is my request to you , a man with adequate education and vision to  lead  the city with making the optimum use of available resources in addition to available infrastructure.

Hence , presenting before you some of the methodologies we can include to enhance the growth rate without shedding more money and utilizing the best brains available with us.


  • ·         In order to fight the technical deficiencies of NMC  , we can adopt a  policy of making the budding engineering students compulsory  to take up internships  in Administration body and help us make technical executions faster and refined.
  • ·         We  can make the use of railways tracks more efficiently by extending better transport amenities to nearby location so that we grow horizontally as well.
  • ·         We can improve the workman efficiency by adopting more disciplinary tools aided by technology.
  • ·         Making the municipal and private school students aware about the upcoming health issues and facilitate them to solve such by regularizing wellness programs in schools.
  • ·         We can make the university students to contribute to the city development by lending them projects and foundation work guided by experts from administration.
  • ·         We may  grant non-monetary benefits to people who help us abide maintain law and order.
  • ·         I request you to kindly read sometimes policies of AUDA (Ahmedabad urban development authority ) and try to figure out the ideas we can implement in our city , Nagpur.
  • ·         The common public transport can also be enhanced by installing technology and its applications.
  • ·         We may use a smaller version of UID for providing benefits to our local crowd.



Several developments can take place with you taking initiatives and we abiding by it.


The above mentioned policies are less time consuming to be adopted and hence , we can reap the benefits of announcing them for public benefit , in return the citizens of Nagpur may help us giving support in coming 2014 elections for the marginal victory of our beloved” VIKAS PURUSH”                        Shri. NITINJI GADKARI.


In order , if you are interested in detailed discussion of the above  methods , I will lend my support to adopt it from the state off development  “Gujarat “ and will extend all my support and acumen for implementing those.



Gaurav Manoj Taori ( B.E , MBA 2012-14 at Ahmedabad )

Contact :   +919890916906

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Add:         A-101 , ujwal flats , rahate colony , Wardha   road – NAGPUR 12

GAURAV TAORI , BE (industrial ) , PGDM 2012-14 , EDI , Ahmedabad.