Published On : Tue, Dec 25th, 2018

Christmas Bash at Gondwana Club turns a party of fun and merry!

Nagpur: The chill in the air and unique celebration styles turned the Christmas Bash 2018 at Gondwana Club joyous and merry as usual. Gondwana Club was the popular destination as the Christmas Bash had all the elements of a happening party for kids and adults alike. Blending perfectly with the party theme, quite a few guests at the event were spotted with Christmas hats and reindeer horns.

Zara-&-Nikki Rangoonwala

Swati Banerjee & Radhika Pathak

Rituraj & Palwinder Shahu

Best part of Christmas party is meeting Santa Claus and all were excited to meet Him. And Santa arrived on white horse with showering chocolates on children that brought more smiles on their faces. As children believe that Santa will come and gift them. So parents handover their children favourite gifts as if Santa has given the gifts.

How can one forget the delicacies when it is Christmas. Mouth watering food also made afternoon more delightful, where Special Turkey meat was also cherished. Atrypt Band was present on the dais to string musical chord with their soulful voice.

Shekhar Rai & Surekha Ahirkar

Radhika Mulchandani

Rupa Rai

Priyanka ,Neetu & Rakesh

Priyanka Kale

Niharika Sawlani

Piyush Daga& Jatin Kale

Meghna Joshi

Hridansh & Ritesh Jain

Maanya,Shreya & Vedansh Ola

Dr Sarika & Rahul Soni

Gunesh Deshpande

Amita Agrawal

Dr Geeta & Sunil Pedgaonkar

Aditi & Saurabh Rai

Chunna,Shivangi & Nandu Buty

Divya &Rahul Sharma

Anuj,Saket & Manish

Amita Agrawal

Aashish,Aditi,Anuj, & Vidhi

Aashish Khemka & Saket Daga