Choked sewer line in Nara society exposes NMC’s Swachhta Abhiyan

Nagpur: A choked sewer line at Indian Cooperative Society, near Saraswati Lawn, Nara, has exposed the mockery the Nagpur Municipal Corporation perpetrating to Swachhta Abhiyan. The picture is no different in other parts of the city.

A resident of Plot no.19, Indian Co-op Society, Prabhag 1, Adv. Amit Prasad has lamented the filthy affairs of the civic body. He stated that a sewer line in the society has been blocked and due to which the filthy water has flooded the open plots and flowing from the layout road. The outcome is disastrous. Residents and other people find it difficult to walk on the road as it is filled with sewage water and also obnoxious smell is making life miserable.

Adv Prasad further said that he has made a complaint in writing to NMC’s Mangalwari Zone way back on August 5 and also personally met with Junior Engineer Nehare. But things are as it is as no steps were initiated to get rid of blocked sewer line. The NMC official passed the buck saying that the area comes under Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT). Shocked by the buck passing, Adv Prasad told him that area is under the Municipal limits and the Health Officer Manish Chutelkar is doing maintenance of sewer line in this area. This issue was also discussed by him with Harish Raut, Asst. Commissioner, but he also did not take any action in the matter.

Mostly senior citizens are residing in the said layout. Due to blocking of sewage water in the area, there is possibility of outbreak of water borne diseases endangering lives of residents.

The filthy scenario is no different in other parts of the city. At many places, cleanliness is not undertaken. The Smart City Mission is on papers only. The Health Department of NMC is itself ailing.