Published On : Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

China Town – The Newest Chinese Fast Food Place In Nagpur!

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After Indian cuisine, the second most-loved cuisine when we head out to grab a meal often turns out to be Chinese food. With iconic restaurants like Nanking and Ni Hao already offering some great Chinese food, a new restaurant has opened in Nagpur to give the Chinese food scene some much-needed representation.

China Town is speciality Chinese fast food restaurant especially for vegetarian foodies in Nagpur. With a huge array of mouth-watering vegetarian preparations at an affordable price-point, China Town hopes to lure you in with its filling combos. Miles away from the oily and greasy street food that passes off for Chinese food many a time, the restaurant has kept away from unhealthy, synthetic sauces with Ajino Moto (MSG) and focused on fresh ingredients and taste.

Their menu focuses on fresh, bold Chinese flavours that come alive with homemade sauces to give a modern twist to traditional Chinese food. Some specialities like Steamed Wonton Soup, China town treasure soup, Dragon Paneer, Cottage Cheese Szechwan Nuggets, Lotus Steam Sweet and spicy sauce, Water Chestnuts Chilli Plum Sauce, Melting Cheese and corn Rolls, Three Treasure Chilli Coriander Sauce, Burnt Garlic Fried Rice, China Town are the hot-sellers here.

So next time you want to discover a new Chinese food joint? Head to China Town!

Home delivery available.

Owner: Pranay Patil


Plot No. 11, Tulsi Vihar Apt. 1st Floor, Opp Pathak House Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur-10