Published On : Tue, Feb 23rd, 2021

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ,Was A Dynamic And Visionary Ruler -Dr. S S Uttarwar

Swarved Nagpur , has arranged Webinar of Dr. Sanjay S Uttarwar , Renowned Academician and social worker from Nagpur on topic “Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , A All Time Warrior “Live on Zoom platform. Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar Nationally renowned orator and Principal of VIT Engineering College from Nagpur was key note speaker for webinar. Majority of followers of Shivaji Maharaj around the globe was on line for the webinar.

At the beginning organizer Mr. Ravi Satfale , Director Swarwed who is also known as Tabla Nawaj in musical world of Nagpur , introduce Speaker and welcome all on line participants.
Webinar starts with the present scenario of societal status and need of implementation of policies run by Shivaji Maharaj. .

Dr Sanjay S Uttarwar is a renowned Academician of central India and in this field since last thirty years. He has proved his expertise by serving renowned educational groups of Maharashtra and MP.

He has done Post graduation and PhD from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur in Mechanical Engineering. He has served renowned educational groups from Maharashtra and MP in various Capacities. From Last eight years he is working as Principal of Engineering College. He is recipient of seven National and International Level Awards for his outstanding contribution to the field of academics and research. He has visited UK, Singapore, China to present research papers in International Conferences. He is having sixty research papers to his credit which are published in International Journals and Conferences.

He is a renowned Motivational Speaker from region and is frequently invited by TV Channels, Radio and Educational Institutes for delivering lectures on various motivational topics. In addition to it he is a popular singer from Nagpur and has performed at various musical concerts which took place at auditoriums of Nagpur.

Dr.Sanjay. S. Uttarwar Principal, had delivered his motivational lecture “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, a all time warrior.” He share his great administrative skills, his innovative military tactics and had also explained how we can follow his principles to build a peaceful society. He also explained the circumstances of how Shivaji Maharaj was coroneted and began his reign on the Maratha Empire.

In his lucid delivery he says that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is known as a warrior king whose bravery and chivalry enriched the history of Maratha Empire and made him one of the best kings in the region. Respectfully called as Chhatrapati, Shivaji Maharaj was coroneted on June 6, 1674, and began his reign on the Maratha Empire and began his rule that brought some of the most significant battles. Shivaji Maharaj had established a royal name for himself in history with his administrative skills by upholding the Swarajya values and the Maratha heritage. He was known for his bravery and tactics with which he won numerous wars against the Mughals. Dr. S S Uttarwar narrate the various thrilling incidences form life of Shivaji Maharaj, such as assassination of Afjal khan who was Sardar from Aadilshahi of Vijapur now in Karnataka. He has taken oath in Darbar of Vijapur that he will destroy Shivaji and his military within few days and will come back with victory. Latter he gets killed in close fight with Shivaji Maharaj. Jam packed audience was roaming in Shivaji era during energetic and action packed delivery from Dr. Uttarwar.

Another thrilling experience which he has shared with audience was about Shahiste khan who was Sardar of Mughals and close relative of Mughal emperor Aurangjeb . He came to Maharashtra with huge war ammunitions and military to crush Hindavi Swarajya of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He also had to face defeat because of war tactics of Shivaji Maharaj. He surrenders in front of Shivaji Maharaj and went back to Delhi. During his motivational delivery , Dr. Uttarwar quote and narrate various courageous incidences form life span of Shivaji Maharaj , his education, his war trainings and his upbringing since child hood. Role of his Mother Maharani Jijabai Bhosle was of utmost importance . She was the driving force behind all dids of Shivaji Maharaj. She was his Mentor, Guru , Guide and friend too. His delivery came to end in a cheerful and energetic atmosphere.

Organiser Mr. Ravi Satfale in his concluding remarks talks about the present scenario of society and narrets the need to work on principals laid down by Shivaji Maharaj. Audience was delighted by knowledge shared by Speaker, and request him for further parts of Webinar. Speakers accepts their request and assure that he will deliver more webinar on said topic.

Later in Question and answer session Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar gave answers to the questions asked by audience. Mr Vijay and Rajashree Patharkar , Mr. Laximikant and Vishakha , Mr Surykant and Anjali , Mr. Sunil and Sunanda, Mr Shantanu and Sakshi Uttarwar Vijay Puranik, , Dr. Varsha Uttarwar, Mr. Sanjay Gawai, Mr. Yoganand and Rakesh Bopche, Mr. Ashish Taywade , Dr. Balpande, and many more participants who asks their doubts for betterment of human life . Audience loudly appreciate the delivery of Dr. S S Uttarwar and gave thanks to him for throwing .light on life span of Shivaji Maharaj.

Mr Ravi Satfale express her gratitude towards all on line guests and propose Vote of Thanks.