Published On : Mon, Oct 7th, 2013

Changes in examination system, Management committee to meet today

Nagpur News: An urgent meeting of the management committee has been called to discuss the macro-level planning of the university. According to sources, the committee will also dicuss on the preparations for the NAAC accreditation.

The examination pattern followed by RTM Nagpur University has been a subject of speculation and criticism for a long time. The revaluation process has been questioned and doubted many a times. Taking these things into consideration, the administration has planned and started to execute exponential changes in the entire examination system.
Recently, in a meeting of the examination board, the proposal of getting revaluation papers checked by two professors has been accepted. Another proposal that was accepted by the board was of conducting the examinations for the first two years of graduation of college level.

The work pressure on the university increases manifold during examinations due to which instances of mismanagement increase. Following the Mumbai pattern, the examination board has given a green signal to conductiong the examinations of first two years of graduation on college level. According to sources, under the proposal, marks will be given in the 60-40 ratio. Since the decisive power lies with the Academic Council, the proposal will be executed only after a green signal from the council.