Published On : Tue, Jun 16th, 2020

Centre Point School issues open letter condemning protest outside its Katol road premises

Nagpur: The Centre Point School management has come out with a sharp criticism over the gathering of few people outside Seminary Hills campus off Katol road on Tuesday. Issuing an open letter, one of the higher authorities in school management has taken strong stance on the incident.

The letter said that on the morning of June 16th, 2020, a group of unknown persons assembled outside our Seminary hills, Katol road campus. This was an unlawful gathering in direct contravention to Article 144, which is currently in effect in the city.

On our CCTV footage it is clearly visible that there were over 40 people assembled at the gate, in clear violation of Section 144.
These people did not follow social distancing norms. It was a charade and well planned, as every time they took photographs, they would distance themselves, as if to show that norms were being followed. But our footage clearly shows that they were not keeping a safe distance from each other or from our security guards as per the current Covid-19 protocol. At several points the people also removed their masks, further endangering public health and safety.

Our footage clearly caught participating people on the camera who are not parents from our schools. We are therefore concerned that these may be anti-social elements who are hijacking this issue for their own nefarious gains, the letter added.

We do not recognize unknown associations such as this one and question the legitimacy of this organization.

The people in this group have taken several videos at the gate of the school. These videos have semi-threatening, factually incorrect, defamatory and inflammatory content that not just questions our motives, goals and integrity as educators, but defames all schools as being profiteering and uncaring for the wellbeing of the students.

The letter further stated, “These videos are being circulated on social media in a rapid way. We are concerned as these videos are thoroughly demotivating for our teachers and staff who have been working tirelessly and ceaselessly throughout this pandemic. ”

These videos have several erroneous quotes circulating including the lie that the school is currently open for book sales, when in fact, as per Government Directives, the schools are all shut.

These videos are also questioning the veracity of the online teaching sessions as well as fee structure, infrastructure, Covid 19 rules, etc. With respect to all these issues, we are following all the rules set out by the Government directives that are currently in effect. We are not answerable to this or any other individual ‘organization’ that chooses to protest in front of our gates for gains that are questionable to begin with.

We ask that this organization forthwith address themselves directly to the government, as we are within our rights as educators and are following government regulations to the letter.
We also demand that they cease and desist all videos and clips forthwith as these are defamatory, untrue and misleading.
We are we well respected and exemplary group of schools and it is very unfair to put us under this kind of trial-by-media.

“Please note that private unaided organizations such as ours are only 12% out of the majority of schools in Maharashtra. We are centres for excellence who spend a large amount of resources on updating and maintaining beautiful campuses with world-quality facilities and infrastructure, all lovingly built over decades using large bank loans and going over and above the call of duty. Our teachers are some of the best in the state, who are paid well, and as per all government norms.

Our large staff of teachers and support staff looks to us for their livelihoods and well-being and we are also expected to service loans as well as maintain our infrastructure, regardless of the lockdown”, said the CPS letter.

To provide our students with the best possible all-rounded academic journey during this pandemic, we have been conducting on-line teaching classes and following all Government regulations as they come out.

There is no coercion involved in our admissions process. They are purely a personal choice, and taken voluntarily. The academic year of 2019-2020 was only 2 weeks from completion with only exams remaining when the lockdown was announced.

The new academic session for 2020-2021 for classes 9th, 10th and 12th started online in April itself.

We are not answerable to any third party, apart from the relevant government authorities whose rules and regulations we very faithfully follow.

The letter concluded stating, “We urge parents to please not get taken in by these so-called organizations. They do not have the parents’ or students’ best interests at heart and are only interested in forwarding their own private and political ambitions and gains and their self-glorification.”