Published On : Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

Central govt closes maximum engineering institute in Maharashtra, as per AICTE report

The Central Government has taken the decision to close approximately 100 engineering colleges in the year 2016-17 as per data released by AICTE. This decision will hamper Maharashtra a lot as most of the colleges in the list are located in Maharashtra State. Recently, 122 institutes have been listed to shut down this academic year. All the institutes, which are in the list will not be able to take fresh admissions. The aspirants already in the mid of their courses can pursue their programme with no fear.

The government has become more vigil with the norms and condition as the number of private engineering institutes are increasing at an alarming rate. It has already been specified by AICTE that colleges that do not adhere to the norms are being closed. In the last three to four years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of closed institutions. In 2012-13 only 72 institutions across the country were closed, but the number has gone up to 122 in 2016-17. In 2016-17, 22 institutions were closed in Maharashtra, of which maximum are located in Nagpur and Pune.

As per government sources, that private engineering colleges are charging huge fee from the students. Despite, no improvement in education quality has been seen. The maximum number of students in the colleges are still unemployed. “Companies that hire engineering graduates also complain that they lack necessary skills. This is the reason we are focusing more on improving the quality of institutions, rather than increasing the numbers,” a source in the ministry said.