Published On : Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

Celebrate eco-friendly Holi: Bawankule

C Bawankule

Nagpur: The Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has appealed the citizens, specially the youngsters, to celebrate Holi, the festival of colours, in eco-friendly manner. The Holi revellers must ensure no pollution is caused to the fragile environment, the precious water is not wasted while enjoying the festival, Bawankule urged.

He exhorted the people to get rid of garbage in their areas, shun bad habits, save trees from being “massacred” for Holi bonfires, and not hurt sentiments of people. “Don’t use colours laced with chemicals. A simple dry gulal can bring cheers to the Holi revellers. Understand the importance of water and ensure it not wasted. Enjoy the joyous celebration the eco-friendly way,” Bawankule stressed.