Caught on CCTV, Homo-sex den unearthed at apartment parking in Sadar

Nagpur: In a shocking incident reported under Sadar police a homo-sex den thriving at an apartment parking came to fore. The CCTV footage of the apartment parking has revealed the dirty deed blooming at basement parking. The apartment which is located on Katol Road going toward Chowni has already spread a shock wave among the locals.

The building comprises apartments along with shops at ground level. After 11 pm soon as the shops put down their lid and parking area becomes isolated the dirty deed takes a start which sometimes continues till early morning of the next day.

Residence have also complaint about this issue however owing to contacts of some antisocial elements the matter never came to fore. However following the CCTV footage, the homo-sex den has came to fore.

The accused reportedly prey on the helpless construction worker nearby. They lure the gullible flyover workers with money and sexually exploits them. One can’t deny the fact that if this would not averted any time soon, then it could led to cause major tragedy in the area.