Published On : Fri, May 17th, 2019

Camp ends with celebrations of Mothers Day

The Kids of HelloKids-Wonderbeats International Play School celebrated the Mother’s Day with zest and enthusiasm. Branch Director Siddhi L Dole welcomed the parents.Dr.Kailash Vaidya an eminent personality in field of pediatricians was the guest of honor of the day. Cultural program and fun games Floating bringles,Cotton ball were also organised for the mothers.

Dr.Kailash Vaidya conducting parenting workshop under which he guided about parenting and child psychology.
The Kids of HelloKids-Wonderbeats Play school were given an opportunity to show their appreciation for their mothers, a day prior to Mother’s Day. To show their love and respect for their mother, the young, enthusiastic Kids made beautiful cards.

The winners of various activities in summer camp are as winners of twisters Advait Munje, Art and Craft winner Narayni and Outstanding performer shourya sathe

A magic show was organized to entertain the kids and their parents. Guinness book of world records nominee Prashant bhavsar has taught the basic magic trick to kids.
Dr.Kailash Vaidya congratulated the students and teachers for their outstanding performances. He also said that there was nobody except the mother who is so soft, tender, flowery, pathfinder and a true guide and one should respect and cherish her.