Published On : Tue, Dec 2nd, 2014

Cabinet-RSS Meeting in Nagpur postponed…? It was never scheduled to happen!

RSS HQ in Nagpur, Inset Bhaiyya Ji Joshi ( R)

RSS HQ in Nagpur, Inset Bhaiyya Ji Joshi ( R)


It is the curious case of blowing bubble over the thing which never existed, and in the case of RSS-State Cabinet meet, it literally turned out what was destined to be. The RSS meeting with the state cabinet ministers was not supposed to be held; neither was it scheduled here as reported by a section of media. In a surprise turn of events the meeting of state cabinet ministers at RSS headquarters which was la

uded to be scheduled here on December 2, was eventually postponed for the reasons better known to those who brought up the news that meeting is going to happen.

Nagpur Today has since beginning reported that no such meeting has been scheduled. In fact Nagpur Today was the only media which categorically ruled out any possibility of such a meeting in near future. Earlier when the news about RSS taking the class of state ministers on governance methods in Nagpur flashed the local media, no leader either from BJP or Sangh came forward to clarity over such speculative stories.

At that time a top functionary of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) rubbished the concerned reports saying, “The reports in a section of media are totally speculative in nature and far away from the truth. Feeding of such reports may be the handiwork of some sulking party leaders.”

The news in this regard was prominently carried in Nagpur Today, and this turned out to be true, as the meeting which was never scheduled got postponed.

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The reports came up with the information that the class on governance will be held in Nagpur and the Ministers will be flying in especially for the lessons on December 2 just six days before the Winter Session that is scheduled to begin on December 8.

Now that the meeting has been postponed, it has been left to speculate once again when next another piece of information will pop up to cook another fluke on the so called meeting.

Sources said there is no question of meeting as it was never scheduled. However, it remains to be seen why this entire sequence of events were weaved to play the news up in the media.