Published On : Thu, Apr 24th, 2014

Burglary at three temples in Imambada sends cops on toes

imamwada mandir choriNagpur News.

Imambada police were having the tough time tracing the clues in the back to back theft at three temples in their area. The unidentified thieves also robbed a vegetable vendor in their looting spree. Police sources said the criminals relieved a vegetable vendor of Rs 1700 at the knife point in the wee hours of Thursday when he was proceeding to Cotton Market for purchasing vegetables. The rising cases of burglaries have kept the cops on their toes. The other day burglars targeted a Ganesh Temple near old Imambada Police Station and broke open lock of donation box and decamped with silver ornaments kept in it. Similarly, the miscreant also stormed another Ganesh Temple near Nandu Meshram’s house and swept the cash box. In the third incident, a Hanuman Temple near Bhure Ground was attacked by the thieves. Here, the anti-socials grabbed the cash box itself and took away with them.

A social worker of the area said the donation boxes in these temples were full of cash and other valuables. Incidentally, the cash boxes were to be opened soon for some religious works or charity. But before it could be done, the unidentified burglars made their way. However complaints have been lodged but the cops were yet to get the lead.

Sources informed that the area has turned into a hub of crimes like illegal liquor sale, gambling dens, robbing, thefts and other crimes. A gambling den is being run openly near Medical Employees’ Quarters in TB Ward area. The harassed and heckled residents hesitate to complain to police as the den is run by a history-sheeter. No one dares to go against him, sources said.