Published On : Thu, Apr 24th, 2014

Relatives take accident victim’s body to Sadar police station; Doctor’s role under scanner

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Enraged relatives of Sanjay Kurve who died after being hit by a rashly driven car near Gaddigodam square Wednesday night, took the body of the deceased at Sadar police station on Thursday and demanded immediate arrest of the accused. The relatives were anguished over the police inaction in the incident. It also came out that the concerned doctor had manipulated the medical report of the accused, terming him as drunk but within limit.

Social Activist Jammu Anand led the relatives to the police station demanding immediate action against the accused causing the death. The deceased’s wife Varsha Sanjay Kurve and other relatives alleged that the police must have diffused the case so that the accused can get bail.


Soon after the accident, some of the youths namely Israq Ahmed, 30, Shahid Nadeem,  28, Imran Ansari, 28, Sadiq Ansari, 25, Riyaz Ansari, 27 years, chased the car, intercepted the accused Ramkrishna Atre. However, the medical examination conducted on Atre showed that he was under the influence of liquor but within limit. Dr Dipti Borkar of Mayo hospital has signed the medical report.


The family of the deceased demanded the arrest of the main accused Advocate Anand Ramkrishna Atre aged 78 years and P S Sadavarte aged 72 years.

This correspondent of Nagpur Today had reached the spot where the victim was being lifted into Atre’s car. The car was smelling liquor from inside. Atre’s eyes were clearly dilated under the influence and his speech was slurring. However, what was surprising is the doctor declared the accused as having consumed liquor within the approved limit?

She has also declared that the eyes of the accused were normal and he was able to walk straight.

Jammu Anand who was leading the delegation was shown all documents by PSI Nitin Pagar who is investigating the case.

Sadar police informed that the crime is bailable, so the accused were let off . After ascertaining that it was the doctor who played foul, police were able to convince the relatives to go ahead for the last rites.

However Anand said though the culprit was badly inebriated , the doctor of IGGMC opined that he drank within the approved limit. What made Sadar Police Station not to inflict Section 304? Prima Facie, the role of doctors played to safeguard the culprits from penalization & under non-bailable offense. We demand the NMC to carry-on the substitute sanitary worker card to the wife of the deceased on compassionate grounds.