Published On : Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

Build Your Startup With These 12 Comprehensive Growth Marketing Modules

Social media has permeated just about every aspect of our lives, from news to friendships to video sharing. But it’s also an important tool for businesses. In fact, social media marketing has become one of the most sought after professions across just about every industry. As many companies have shifted their primary medium of consumer interaction to a more digital approach, well-constructed posts on social media platforms reach numbers of people that are often unattainable by more traditional print materials.

Learning to professionally manage a brand’s social media presence will make you an attractive job candidate, and a sound method for becoming an expert is through The Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course & Certification. Through twelve extensive courses, you’ll figure out how to connect more thoroughly with consumers, while extending your reach to attract a wider audience. You can capitalize on videos, quizzes, and other teaching materials designed to sharpen your social media strategies while learning to leverage sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more through the principles of market psychology. Ultimately, you’ll discover what it takes to drive a successful marketing campaign.

Plus, with the included certification, you can take your earning potential to the next level. The Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute is certified by the Digital Technology Educational Accreditation Association, meaning you’ll be able to negotiate increased compensation and open the doors to greater opportunity. All the while, you’ll be receiving advice, feedback, and insider tips from certified professionals.

Through the training and certification provided by The Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course & Certification, you’ll develop the proficiency to build a career around a growing job market. You can get a lifetime subscription to these lessons for just $29 today. Infiltrate the social media marketing field with this training and begin your path towards an engaging and profitable career.

—Sanket Wankhede