Brutal rapes: Posters, placards banning entry of BJP, RSS leaders put up in Nagpur

Nagpur: The after effects of the brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Jammu Kashmir’s Kathua which led to resignation by two BJP ministers for defending the accused and a BJP MLA’s alleged involvement in raping a teenager in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao seem to have rattled the party leadership to the core. The two incidents of rape have been echoing in Nagpur and in entire India.

After a notice pasted at a house in Manish Nagar locality of the city recently, posters and placards have been put at many places in city banning entry of BJP men and RSS workers. The posters and placards read in Hindi: “Krupaya BJP and RSS ke karyakarta and neta hamare ghar na padhariye. Hamare ghar me mahila aur bachchiya rahati hain” (BJP and RSS workers and leaders please don’t come to our houses as women and girls stay in our houses).

Anger is brewing across over spurt in rape cases and the anger is being vent through potent words in posters and placards in a message to BJP and RSS. A poster and placard put up in Subhash Nagar locality near IT Park have banned entry of BJP and RSS leaders. The photographs of the posters and placards went viral on social media.

What has also increased the public anger against the BJP was how two cabinet ministers of the BJP in Kathua joined the people, who were protesting in support of the rapists and murderers. After a massive outcry, the BJP finally removed the two ministers from the Jammu and Kashmir Government.

The posters and placards denouncing rapes have invariably put the BJP to an unprecedented embarrassment.