Published On : Sat, Mar 31st, 2018

Bruna Abdullah ups steam in her bold photoshoot

Bruna Abdullah seems to have vowed to break the internet. She has posed for a supremely racy photoshoot by Sid Naidu, which is now going viral on the internet. The Brazillian beauty left Indian audience’s hearts ablaze with her appearance in the song Rab Rahem Kare from Cash in 2007. Here, too, she is at her sexy best and will surely leave you gasping for air. She has two sets of clothing changes for the photoshoot. The first picture was a blazer, but over her bare body and not a bra or a top.

We have seen ladies like Vidya Balan and Sunny Leone pull off such a pose with ease. Bruna, too, looks effortless and very comfortable in her skin.

She shifts your focus from top to bottom in the next set of clothing. The outfit looks like the sexiest and the most glamorous top you could pick out. But the trick Bruna pulls off here is that she minimizes her wardrobe to this top only, exposing her long legs.