Published On : Sun, Aug 10th, 2014

Brothers and sisters get tied in special bond, cherish moments with family on Rakhi fest

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Rakhi or Rakshabandhan festivity symbolizes love, unending bond between brothers and sisters and a promise by the brothers to protect their sisters. The youngsters enthusiastically and religiously observed the Brother-Sister Day. The youngsters, who usually hang out with their friends, chose to stay back in their houses so that they tie Rakhi or get Rakhi tied.

Nagpur Today spoke to a few youngsters to know about their feelings on Rakhi festival.

Nikita, Esther, Jhanvi & Nisha, the teenagers from Mount Carmel Girls’ High School, said they really look forward to this day besides their Birthdays, since they get a lot of gifts from their brothers, special treats  and a lot.

Owner of Food Chain in Nagpur Varun Sapkal said that this is the day of my utmost respect to my sister. This is an occasion to be remembered. This is the one day when we brothers keep our sisters busy. The special concern for our sisters’ welfare and our love for them increase manifold with every Rakshabandhan. The care and concern for our sisters is poles apart from what two brothers have for one another. For the youngsters, this is the day when they dress up in traditional attires and spend some quality time with their families instead of their friends.

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Ani Ray
, Event Manager said, “I have only one sister, so just one Rakhi for me! This bond is special for me. You need to care for and be really protective for your sister, that’s how I define this festival. Although a few people tie Rakhis, even if they are not related, which is thumbs down for me!  One should not tie rakhis just for saying sake, what you cannot maintain, better not get into it!”

Yug Tuli, MD, Hotel Tuli International says, “It’s first Rakhi for my sister after her marriage, so I’ve travelled from Nagpur to Delhi for her. This day is for her, and we would be spending entire the day together. Such is this bond for me! Whatever traditional logic behind ‘Rakhshabandhan’, of protecting a sister, etc is, that’s no more the case. In today’s India, Rakshabandhan is considered to be that special day for your siblings where you meet each other, spend time together for strengthening the bond, and keeping that bond alive for rest of your life. When asked, he even added about Muh-bola-bhaiconcept saying, “This concept is basically one’s personal choice, and I find it no wrong! A bond depends on heart to heart relation after all. If people believe in these things, there must be reasons definitely.”

Authorised dealer of Taparia Tools Tarun Mehra
 said that this is one day he dares not forget to visit his sister. He said that though the times have changed, the not so old generation values such traditions and give much importance to them. They not only respect the real sisters they also believe in the sanctity of Muhboli (Accepted) brother or sister.