Published On : Tue, Nov 10th, 2020

Breakdown: 1100mm dia sluice Valve @ Seminary Hills repaired on sunday only

Nagpur: A major sluice valve on 1100 mm dia on Pande-Lay out feeder line located at Seminary Hills that has abruptly developed a technical snag (partially non-operational) following its old gear arrangement, resulting in low pressure & no water supply from Pande-Lay out feeder to many areas South & West Nagpur became suddenly non –operations on Sunday morning, following power trippings at Pench –II & Pench –III water treatment plants. Earlier, as a precautionary measure and keeping eye on smooth water supply operations for forthcoming Diwali Festival, The Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water had planned to repair this huge 1100 mm dia valve by taking an emergency shutdown on Nov 9, 2020 (Monday) from 10 am onwards till 6 pm.

However the valve itself becomes defunct on Sunday at about 9.30 am so, NMC OCW had immediately started its repair work announcing a breakdown. On Sunday, Nov 8, 2020, NMC-OCW technical experts first tried all technical possibilities like releasing air valves from pressurized water pipelines etc. from 9.30 to 11.30 am to clear the sudden technical issue and atlest supply water in all areas on Sunday;

however it could not become possible. So later it was decided to pre-poned the shutdown a day before and repair the huge 1100 mm dia sluice valve first. The work of repairing started at about in afternoon at 12 and lasted till 9.45 pm. During these time pumping from Pench-II and Pench-III water treatment plants at Gorewada were kept completely closed. During 10-hours job , NMC-OCW technical team not only repaired the 1100 mm dia old sluice valve but also casted its 15 kh checknut and fitted it in valve.

NMC-OCW technical team comprising of Mr Sushant Sourabh, Mr Kushal Atakare & Mr Chirag Joshi under the leadership of Mr Rajjith & Mr Rajesh Kalra and under guidance of NMC SE Mrs Shweta Banarjee, EE Mr Manoj Ganvir & OCW CEO Mr Sanjoy Roy performed the difficult task succefully and even normalized the supply from Monday morning. Water supply in these areas remained affected on Sunday evening were . Dharampeth Zone: Riffle Line DMA, Futala DMA, Ram Nagar ESR, Ram Nagar GSR: Seminary Hills ESR- & Seminary Hills GSR LaxmiNagar zone: Pratap Nagar ESR, Khamla ESR, Laxminagar Old ESRTakli Sim ESR, GayatriNagar,Trimurti Nagar ESR Jaitala ESR GandhiBagh Zone: Killa Mahal ESR, SitaBuldi Fort I & II ESRs Chinchbhavan Command area & Gittikhadan Command Area.

The inconvenience caused to citizens on Sunday due emergency breakdown and valve repairing work is highly regretted. For any complaints about water supply please contact OCW Toll free number: 1800 266 9899 and for any query visit OCW Website @ :