Brazen illegal construction under the shield of Ward Officer in Dharampeth Zone

Nagpur: The old English proverb of a blind leading the one-eyed, giving way to anarchy or chaos has proved so very true in what is happening in Dharampeth Zone. From the time Rajesh Karade took charge as the Ward Officer of Dharampeth Zone, he has been functioning under the blessings of a former Corporator. Many illegal civil works or constructions have been going on brazenly after the Ward Officer Rajesh Karade took charge displaying a clear nexus with the said Corporator and builders who are undertaking illegal constructions far above the approved plans for their sites.

One such fine examples of this brazen violation of the rules can be seen at the newly constructed building which has come up near the Zenda Square, Dharampeth. One can see the multi-storied building that has come up on the right side of the road when one goes towards Traffic Park from Zenda Square. Vinay Agrawal of R P Agrawal and Sons Hardware Dealer have allegedly constructed this building. This plot was formerly owned by Dr Kruparam Pande. It is alleged that Vinay Agrawal has constructed more floors / storey than was shown in the plan and approved by the authorities.

The NMC authorities got a wind of the brazen violation of the rules in the construction. The authorities also inspected the site. They had then sent a report of the alleged violation of the rules to the Ward Office Rajesh Karade. Ward Officer Rajesh Karade too inspected the site. Many verbal accusations were allegedly delivered by the Ward Officer, however, till date; no legal action has been initiated against the Vinay Agarwal or the builder.

Meanwhile Vinay Agrawal is said to have applied for the Completion Certificate from the Dharampeth. Zone Office. However, the Public Works Department of Dharampeth Zone Office is said to have rejected the application.

Sources close to the former Corporator said that the Former Corporator had allegedly directed the Ward Officer Rajesh Karade not to take any penal or legal action against the construction of Vinay Agrawal for best reasons known to them. If legal or penal action in initiated against the said construction, most certainly, one or two floors will certainly have to be knocked off.

A delegation will soon approach the newly appointed Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar to take action against the policies of Ward Officer Rajesh Karade. What remains to be seen is what action the new Municipal Commissioner initiates against such brazen illegal constructions.

…. Rajeev Khushwaha