Published On : Fri, Apr 19th, 2013

Branded jewellery showrooms in Nagpur putting buyers in dilemma over product’s poor quality

Nagpur News: Beware next time you head to your favorite branded jewellery showroom and roll out merrily with your handy piece of gold item. As the gold prices took plunge buyers throng to jewellery shops in order to cash in on the contained rates, unknowingly that their shopping spree may fetch them the jewel which could prove to be a loss making venture instead of churning out profits for them.

The disturbing trend has been noticed in Nagpur as Nagpur Today did a detailed check on various branded jewellery showrooms shining in the city.


It is learnt that following a cut-throat competition, the jewellery showroom owners in the city are resorting to eat out the customer’s pie by defaulting on quality of the jewellery. Under the process, the competitors come across head on, leveling allegations of selling impure articles on each other. And the sole purpose is to grab the customer base of each other.

The women are the most cheated lot as they usually get carried away by the attractive designs instead of paying any heed to the quality factor. Moreover, they are rest assured of good quality product as they rely on brand values of these top notch jewellery showrooms. But little do they know that they are being blindfolded on the quality front.

Nagpur Today got to know an interesting story of a woman that unfolds the sorry trend in the jewellery market. The story revolves around leading showrooms of Nagpur – TBZ, Tanishq, and Tara Jewellers.

Narrating her experience, Reena Kushwaha said that she purchased two gold ear tops (10-15 grams) from TBZ showroom located at Poonam Chambers, an year ago. She recently went to Tanishq showroom near railway station and asked for purchase against exchange of the same two ear tops. To her dismay, the salesman retorted that only 75 percent of the value could be given for the two tops against purchasing jewellery of her choice. When she argued further, the salesman relented a bit and agreed to give 80 percent of her jewellery. However, the woman refused the offer. The salesman then consulted his seniors and informed Reena that they can finally give 85 percent.

But she could not digest the Tanishq offer and headed to Tara Jewellers located just below the same TBZ Jewellers, from where she bought those tops. The Tara salesman after thorough examination revealed that they would give only 70 per cent of the total value of the tops, under exchange. The salesman also informed Reena that TBZ fooled her and sold the tops which bear the imprint of TBZ instead of hallmark. She was told that the jewellery contained mix of other metals. For her satisfaction, the salesman checked the tops on quality displaying machine. Reena was utterly disappointed after learning that she was cheated by TBZ. The salesman advised Reena to go to TBZ showroom and purchase another piece of jewellery in exchange of the two tops otherwise she will have to be at loss.

The enraged Reena then went to TBZ but before her arrival the TBZ manager Amrutbhai got the whiff about Reena’s visit to Tara before coming there. On reaching TBZ showroom Reena narrated the information received from Tanishq and Tara on the poor quality of tops purchased from TBZ. Reena’s revelation created panic among TBZ staff.

Though Amrutbhai tried hard to pacify Reena, she refused to budge from her charge that she was deceived and looted by the TBZ. Anguished Amrutbhai also reportedly called up at Tanishq and Tara and took the showroom owners to task saying that  they were misguiding their customers by rendering wrong information on jewellery.

Amrutbhai told Reena that she can purchase any jewelry of her choice in exchange of the tops. But Reena again rejected the offer and demanded the amount at the price of the tops were bought. The manager, after finding that Reena will not agree to his offer, then informed Reena that the amount will be returned after deducting 7 or 8 percent of the value.

Surprisingly at the time of purchase, TBZ promised 100 per cent return on the exchange. Reena helplessly relented to 5 per cent cut in the value of her tops.

It may be mentioned that the case of Reena Kushwaha is not alone. There are reports of hundreds of customers being cheated and also looted by many jewellers in Nagpur. But nobody is willing to complain to police in writing assuming any problem might put them in great difficulty. Police too stay silent and take no action despite receiving complaints orally.