Published On : Sun, Jun 16th, 2013
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Bouquets for breakups…? Nagpur says loud no to floral way of ending relations as it hurts

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Recently, Bollywood actress Jiah Khan allegedly ended her life following her failed relationship with her estranged boyfriend Suraj Panscholi, son of another Bollywood actor Aditya Panscholi. She was said to have been sent ‘breakup bouquet’ by her beau before he called quits. This action reportedly catalyzed the situation into worse incensing Jiah to take the drastic step.

Relationship break-ups are getting common like flu. Now-together-then-separate is the trend fast catching up among the young couples, especially college going students and new breed of professionals, who are impatient enough not to give their relationship a second chance. However, more recently the idea of ending the ‘just fresh’ relationship on a ‘happy note’ has cropped up and going viral across hi-end cities of the nation. Throwing break parties and sending breakup bouquets are being followed like nothing.

But back in Nagpur the youth though have penchant for seeing roses and fragrances into their blooming relationship, but not in the wildest of their dreams can they think of sending flowers or making celebrations out of their broken relationships.

“Whenever we part ways with someone close to us, it always ends up on serious note and can never be casual. ‘Breakup bouquet’ is not just acceptable to anyone in the city, be it a guy or gal,” counters a senior college student, known as ‘love-guru’ in his circle for his handy advices on relationship blues among friends.

Nagpur Today spoke to the people across various section in the city and got to know their views on these so called happy breakups.

Sanjay Arora, management guru said, “I was fortunate enough not have to go through any break ups. Though calling it painful is an understatement, there are instances when one never comes out of the situation going into a depression and worse. Flowers or no flowers, break-ups can ruin lives & like the current instance sometimes fatally…”

Voicing support to these views was Gurnoor Bedi, B.E. student who said, “Firstly, the ideas of break-up parties and these kind of floral gestures are all very filmy. Even though mutual break-ups do happen, that doesn’t call for celebration. Sending flowers after a break-up is like sending sweets on a funeral, telling the other one that you rejoice your victory. Any person would do so only if he/she wants to increase the bitterness after they have parted ways. Dealing with break-ups isn’t easy and this would make things worse. I doubt how many people, who were serious for their partners, would be able to take such a humiliation in a peaceful way. Not having much of a personal experience, I just feel the best way to deal with break-ups is to concentrate on something else that interests you and be mature enough to respect the other person’s decision. These floral gestures should not be used as a means of causing pain to the other person.

Send cactus to cheaters

However, Gurnoor had some alien suggestions for relationships going sour out of ditch or cheating from either of the partners. He said, “On a lighter note, if a person has been cheated on by his partner, sending a cactus or a box of “dates” (khajoor) indicating one’s bitter feelings could be a good idea 😉 if the other person has the spirit to take it and move on in life.”

Art of moving on…

Chanchal Jabs, Photography Expert, “When there is a breakup, both people get affected. The difference arises in the intensity of both getting affected, for one it might be less, whereas for other it might be more! About gifting a ‘Breakup Bouquet’, this gesture seems to me like teasing the other person, mainly to make the other person jealous. This, sort of, becomes a showcasing. When there is a breakup, amongst the people who are involved, a few of them even try to portray in front of each other that they are enjoying their lives immensely, whereas logically, the truth is that they do so to forget and move on. The difference is that some of them are good at moving on, and some are not.”

Master breakups with maturity

Karan Tuli said, “I might have experienced around six breakups. And yes, one should deal with breakups with deep maturity. Talking about the idea of sending a Breakup Bouquet, I don’t think any relation comes to an end on good terms. Hence this idea is not appreciated by me. If the terms would’ve been good, the relationship wouldn’t have ended! This floral gesture is like ‘Jale pe Namak Chidakna!’ (sprinkling salt on burn injury). So I shall not at all be comfortable if the relationship is not working. One should just move on..”


(With inputs by Ritu Walia)