Bookies draw strategy at a ‘dark’ place in betting ‘capital’

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Nagpur: The Orange City is also sarcastically called the ‘capital’ of betting and bookies by the cricketing world. Currently, many big names have been found running the nefarious business ostensibly with the “blessings” of administration. One of the bookies has his den at his residence in Chhapru Nagar. The building in which he stays has a Paan Thela at the ground floor.

If sources are to be believed, since the past decade the bookies have been drawing their ‘strategy’ at a ‘dark’ place opposite Hotel Amir on Central Avenue Road. Money exchanging hands and accounts maintained scrupulously have been witnessed on more occasions than one. The area has a glass cabin which is often closed, outwardly. But inside, hordes of dubious elements indulge in transactions in a big way, sources said.

This ‘office cabin’ is swarmed by the night. One could see faces of businessmen, traders linked to the betting descending from Jaripatka, Mahal and other areas, sources stated.

Interestingly, whenever there is an important cricket match anywhere in the world, the gangs of bookies ‘vanish’ from this place and go to their dens in the outskirts or outside the city. Surprisingly, all these dubious activities are no secret. The concerned authorities know it. Now, preparations are in full swing for a tour of this gang to celebrate Holi revelry in a suitable state. There is talk that some government babus too participating in the junket, sources revealed.