Published On : Fri, Jun 21st, 2019

Book ‘Shivarahasya…The Secret of Ages’ offers sci-fi ride to readers

Nagpur: ‘Shivarahasya…The Secret of Ages’ is a science fiction Novel of 27 chapters beautifully written by the renowned writer Shrirang Maddalwar. The book is published by Xpress Publisher. It has nothing to do with mythology as the name ‘Shivarahasya’ may suggest. However, the traditional Hindu rituals practice of offering at the “Shivalinga” is the important fact used in the story line, revealed Shrirang Maddalwar while to Nagpur Today.

The story of ‘Shivarahasya’ revolves around the mysterious finding of two researchers namely Swaraj & Sofia on a secret mission to work on a project with Indian Government. The story begins with conspiracy of bio-war by a terrorist organization. Indian Government gets a clue about the fact that some terrorist organization have planned to execute biological terror in some major cities of India but the government fails at making strategies in order to stop them because of lack of biological weapons.

Meanwhile the organization named ‘Chang Pharmaceuticals’ decides to collaborate with terrorist organization and execute a biological warfare in India seeking benefit of the antidote which only this organization has, its collaboration with the terrorist organization is to overcome the economic loss in its business.

In order to get over these attacks Indian security agencies plan a confidential operation under the leadership of Dr. Sofia & Dr. Swaraj. The long cascade of events from finding the Mystery of Indian rituals to execution of successful plan of protecting the civilians takes place. The traditional ritual becomes the source of antidote required to work against the bio-terror.

The story is full of thrill, suspense and unpredictability right from the beginning and continues till Dr, Sofia unlocks the secret. Dr. Swaraj and Dr. Sofia’s dedication is inspiring and the story has the ultimate capacity to keep the reader bound in.

A must read for the science fiction readers and an absolute great work of Shrirang Maddalwar.

What readers have to say:
Mili Thakkar, “This is an amazing book; I couldn’t keep it aside until it was absolutely necessary. The thrill and suspense right from the beginning continues till the end.”

Sarthak Chintawar, “Just read the book Shivarahasya it was a great reading. Like the story line and the way it is written, whole story felt like a movie”

By Shivani Thakur