Published On : Tue, Oct 16th, 2012

Bombaywala: A solution for all your shopping woes.

Bombaywala is one such brand that also reflects the quality and service they provide but as we Nagpurians are more aware of the name. This particular name has been doing the rounds for many years right from my schooldays. Over the years their brand value and image has grown considerably and moreover their quality of service has also doubled. So with the festive season so near if brings a question in every house as to where is the best place to shop and where will we get what is termed as the best.

To addresses this dilemma Nagpur Today had a sneak peek into Bombaywala to see what’s in store for the festive season and what exclusive collection is available. What came next didn’t surprise us as we already knew the brand value of Bombaywala.

This festive season will offer a lot of varieties and designs said the owner of the shop Manoj Mirpuri. The next thing on my agendas was to take a look at the various styles and designs of the clothes in store to offer for the public of Nagpur. I had already prepared my chart where to start from and that’s how the first thing I asked the owner to show me was the girls section and this section will include the types of dresses, rates and the age group of the particular section that they cater for.


Here is a look into the world of clothing for the girls for the festive season which is just round the corner.

Girls segment (1 year to 15 years)

Girls Segment varies from every age group in particular. The age group normally starts from 1 years to 15 years. As the age group increases so does the price also. The price range varies from age to age as I said earlier. During the festive season the types of dresses available at Bombaywala comes in 2 different styles mainly Ethnic Wear and Western wear. The Ethnic range covers a various varieties like Lacha’s,  Suits for girls and I was told that’s suits also have different varieties like Salwars suits, Patiala suits etc. the photos of the various types of dress styles are given below for the people to have a look and decide what’s suits best. The price range for these types of dresses starts from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 depending on the age group. Normally the colors that get sold quite quickly are Redish and Marroonish.




Salwar Suits.


The western wear also attracts a lot crowds as told to us by Manoj. He said that western outfits do attract a lot of people as some of them are fed up wearing ethnic wear and want a change. The outfits usually termed as evening gowns. That’s the new trend for kids now days. Here is a look into one such style of evening dresses.

This brings us to the Boys Segment (1 year to 15 years)

Why should girls have all the fun was what I heard from one such boy standing there with his mom as he kept saying I wanted this and I want that thing?  Boys definitely get a good range of clothing which has a lot of different styles like Kurtas, semi kurtas, Dhoti sets and the latest fashion is called the Indo-Western style which you will see in the pictures below. The price range is fairly lower compared to the girls. The price range starts from Rs 1500 to Rs 4000 and comes with colors like purple, maroon, and loads of bright colors. A sneak peek out the styles and dresses is given below.



This brings us to the big players of the business “Ladies” Segment (15 years and above).

This segment once again has 2 types of styles Ethnic and western and both these styles have a fabulous range in the shop. In the ethnic range there are 2 types of ranges, one is their Exclusive range that’s has a price range from Rs 2000 to RS 8000 and the second includes a casual range that’s starts from Rs 1500 to Rs 4000. The styles include Suits like Patiala Suits which come in both the segments of exclusive and casual depending on your choice.

Given below are the 2 types of ranges,

  1. Exclusive range. (White Patiala Suit)


For reference design number is oz 3029


  1. Casual Range.( Patiala Suit)


Colors that usually sell more are brownish and light colors which may depend on the persons choice, and taste.


The western Segment definitely throws in a bit of surprise as it gives us the typical western feel to it. This segment has a lot of western taste and feel like one such dress that brought memories back of the famous Hollywood, The good, bad and the ugly. The typical cow boyish style gave it a really rugged look yet it gave us the sense of the western culture. The second style was more of a casual look which included styles like Pencil bottom or jeans with a suitable top to match the below combination.

The western and casual look demonstrated below shows us what’s on the menu at Bombaywala.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly look.


The second styles that Pencil Bottoms or jeans with matchable tops.


Finally it brings me to the Men’s Segment. This segment has a lot of variety like Kurtas Pajama, Khadi Linen. The Khadi linen style is called the Raajneeti style. The next segment is more know to the guys who are getting married in the future. The wedding collection which has a lot of varieties but one such style always attracts grooms. The Dhoti Suit range which starts from Rs 8000 onwards.

The Exclusive Chikan Kurta pajama that the store offers starts from Rs 1200 to Rs 2500 and the Khadi range starts from Rs 2000 to 5000. The new styles that’s has come in is the Indo Western Style like Kurtas worn with either jeans or bridge pants as shown bellow.




The Raajneeti look.


Indo-Western style.

and finally the,

Wedding Collection

Dhoti Suit.




This certainly summons up the festive season and definitely tells the people of Nagpur where to head in order to get the best that they can certainly get.

Happy shopping.

By Marcelo Azavedo