Published On : Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

Bogus membership in NMC Contractors’ Asso. !

NMC-Building1Nagpur: As the elections of NMC Contractors Welfare Association are likely to be held in the month of August, 2015, the Nayudu-group and Ramzan-group are in a neck-to-neck race for their new membership drive. While Nayudu claims of making 300 members, Ramzan claims to have registered 208 members in the association.
Though July 10 was fixed as the last date for the membership drive, and the membership list was to be published by July 12, 2015, but, Nayudu group could not submit the enrolled members list in time. There seems to be anomaly in the membership list, and 25 to 30% members are reported to be bogus in the list of Nayudu group. It is revealed from an incident in which a contractor, named Rajesh Rangari, sought his membership through Ramzan group while the same name finds its mention at three places in the memership list of Nayudu group.
Similary, in Nayudu’s list the name of Khemka Furniture is mentioned while Khemka Furniture had simple supplied goods to NMC only once. It adds to everyone’s surprise that the name of Kanak Resources (contract agency for picking up garbage in the city) finds its mention in the membership list of Nayudu.
The knowledgeable sources said, both the group might face many difficulties in making their lists and publishing it. And, the bogus membership might lead to a dispute and thus affect the election date.

Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (