BJP worker, a moneylender drives old to commit suicide

BJP Worker Suicide
Nagpur: Farmers committing suicides because of harassment by the moneylender is a regular feature in rural areas but this is never heard in city. In Nagpur a case has come to light after 8 months where a 60 year old man was forced to commit suicide because of the mental torture by the moneylender. The moneylender is no other than ruling party BJP’s worker .

According to report, One Sudhakar Babar consumed poison and committed suicide on 29 April 2017 dur to burden of loan. After 8 months this shocking incident came up. Sudhakar was into a business land deal. and in 2016 he took a loan of Rs 3 lakh from Nitin Taral. The Babar family members have alleged that Nitin Taral took one per cent daily on the loan of Rs 3 lakhs and recovered Rs 8 to 9 lakh. Even after this Taral went on harrassing Babar that loan was not returned. He forcibly kept the document of a plot with him and also got two shops of Babar he notarized in his own name.

When Babar asked for the documents of plots Taral demanded Rs 13 lakh. The Babar family members paid Rs 13 lakh in 4 installments but still Tarale did not return the land documents. He went on threatening them and demanding money. At last unbale to bear this mental torture Sudhakar Babar finally ended his life on 29 April 2017.

For the last 8 months Babar family has been living under tension. On ivestigating police found the Babar’s suicide was due to mental torture. The harassed family demand impartial investigation and justice be done.

Police had registered an offence under section 306 of IPC against Nitin Tarale, who has been accused of illegally lending money. Soon he will be arrested, according to police.

Nitin is a BJP workers and is often seen with BJP leaders at BJP functions and so it is big question when would be arrested.